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"This course was easy to follow and structured in a way that made learning the concepts easy for me. I would recommend this course to anyone trying to learn Inventor!"

Dan Read

Operations Superviser
Energy Services Group

Courses for Inventor 4 through Inventor 2012 are no longer supported.

Fast and Easy

Our Inventor courses require No Installation. You can watch them on any device connected to the internet.

You will receive an email containing your User Name and Password. Login to your account and start learning. It's that easy.

While you're logged into your account you can download files used in the courses, watch lessons, and practice the tasks taught in the lessons. Keep in mind that you will use your installation of Inventor to practice.

Get your Inventor training now. You can start learning in minutes.

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Autodesk Inventor® 2023-24:
Advanced Bundle

No Installation Required

Watch from any device connected to the internet.

Inventor 2023-24: Advanced Training Bundle


$84.95 - $169.95

Over 21 Hours of Video Instruction

Beginner and advanced users will benefit from the Advanced Bundle for Autodesk Inventor 2023-24. First the Solid Modeling course shows you a structured modeling process. You'll practice techniques used by professionals, and then confirm you've learned what it takes by passing an exam. Next, you're skills will be used to learn advanced concepts in the Assemblies and Advanced Concepts course. By the time you practiced the skills taught in this bundle you'll be a professional user.

Go Behond the Commands!

Training courses that let you control the pace!

We never have enough time these days, but if you have 5 minutes a day or 5 hours you can learn from our courses. Watch and learn when you have the time.

You also don't have to waste time trying to remember where you are in the course. The courseware knows where you are. Simply open the Lesson Player to start right where you left off.

Forgot how to do something? Type a key word phrase, and the Memory Jogger finds lessons for you.

Watch and learn while you control the pace. It's that easy.

New users learn and experienced users un-learn.

New to Autodesk Inventor or currently using it? You will quickly become an extremely advanced expert. Our courses start with the basics and progressively build your knowledge of sound practices and effective techniques. This is ideal for beginners, and it allows experienced users to un-learn bad habits.

Since almost all the training documentation available today only shows you what the commands do, experienced users have had to figure out what works to get the job done. Now you can take our courses to learn tips and tricks that help you streamline your work and significantly improve your results.

We conducted a survey that indicated that those who considered themselves advanced users increased their productivity an average of 40% after using our Deluxe Bundle of courses. Imagine what you can learn from our Ultimate Bundle.

Student and Faculty Training

Students and Faculty can purchase our courses at a significantly reduced price. Save 20% on single seat orders, and 60% off orders of 10 seats or more. All you need is a valid academic email address. Visit our Student and Faculty Discounts and Student and Faculty Lab Licensing pages for more information.

Gain a professional edge!

Most Autodesk Inventor training courses only show you how the commands work. They don't explain that your models can become cumbersome and difficult to edit if you don't construct them in a specific way. You don't learn that there's a specific way to constrain assemblies to assure they function correctly. They don't explain…(The list goes on and on). All you learn is how the commands work, and that's not enough.

We've solved this problem by centering our courses on productivity. You start with the basics and progressively build a strong understanding of how the commands work as well as how to use them effectively. This gives you the professional edge you need to maximize your productivity and the quality of your work.

Who uses our courses?

Our Autodesk Inventor training courses are used by a wide range of people. We've had the pleasure of providing affordable training for large and small companies, as well as innovative home users. College and High School instructors use our courses to improve their skills and teach their students. One thing all our customers have in common is they all agree that our courses are the best learning and teaching tools available.

You need proof? Read our customer reviews. We also offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Corporate and Lab Training

Businesses and groups can purchase our courses at a significantly reduced price. Begin saving 20% on two seat orders, and 40% off orders of 10 seats or more. Visit our Corporate Licensing Page for more information.

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