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Start by playing Algebra the Game. It's Free!


Once you master the game, take this course.

That's all it takes, and it's fun!

Why should you start with Algebra the Game?

Algebra the Game teaches algebraic rules without math. It's a game like checkers or chess. So you don't do math. You just learn how to move pieces.

With a little practice and a lot of fun you'll learn strategies for moving pieces. You'll get faster and better at it while you play, and there's no math involved.

There are 10 levels, but you only need to make it to level 4 or 5 to start the Fundamentals course.

Now you're ready for the Fundamentals course.

Algebra the Course - Fundamentals shows you how to use the skills in the game to do math, and you won't believe how easy it is. Within the first few lessons you'll realize this isn't a typical training course.

You'll use game rules to calculate the area of a room and the volume of a fish tank. You'll convert meters to feet and many other calculations commonly used by standard everyday people.

How is this done? People who use math for a living use it in a completely different way than it's typically taught. They have to be productive with math. So they can't waste any time.

The traditional way of teaching algebra is to show you all the steps and why each step works the way it does and on and on and on until no one cares about math.

Algebra the Game and Algebra the Course show you the productive way to use math. It's simple and easy to learn. So you will easily unlock the power of math.

Once you know the power of math you might be interested in learning how it works, but that's not taught in this course.

Algebra the Course - Fundamentals shows you how to move pieces like playing a game (you know how to play) to solve algebraic problems.

Algebra the Course - Essentials continues to shows you how to move pieces to take you to an advanced level. All technical trades like engineering, chemistry, and physics use the math shown in this course, but that doesn't mean it's hard to learn.

It's just as easy to learn as the Fundamentals course. Anyone who uses math will benefit from this course.


Algebra the Course - Fundamentals

Prerequisites: None, anyone can learn.

No Installation Required

Watch from any device connected to the internet.

Algebra the Course - Fundamentals


Algebra the Course - Fundamentals

This course makes algebra simple. It's based on skills used in Algebra the Game, and it shows you how to solve real life problems.

Prerequisites: None. Anyone wanting to learn algebra can take this course.

Testing and Certificates: Progressive testing throughout the course. 2 hours of instruction and Final Exam. Certificate of Completion upon passing Final Exam.

When you buy you will receive an email containing a link to setup your account. It's easy. You'll just enter a User Name and your Email Address. Click Go, and you'll have 6 months access to the course.

Multiple Users? No problem. Set the Quantity (15 max/order) and buy. Click your accounts setup link. Enter first names and email addresses. Click Go, and 6 months access is emailed to each student.

Once you've completed Algebra the Course - Fundamentals
you'll be ready for:

Algebra the Course - Essentials takes your skills to the next level. It teaches using the same chess move method. So it's just as easy to learn from this course.

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