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Why are we a member?

Our courses are the only Inventor Certified training courses on the market. They are certified by Autodesk to assure that you receive the highest quality training and customer satisfaction.

As a member, we receive new releases of Autodesk Inventor months before they're shipped to the general public. We also receive training and assistance from Autodesk to assure that the products we produce meet Autodesk's stringent quality standards. The result is a timely release of new courses with extremely high quality standards, and most importantly, satisfied customers.

We are also an Autodesk Authorized Publisher & Developer, and the author of our Inventor training courses is an Autodesk University Speaker and Autodesk Authorized Author. David Melvin, PE has over 25 years of experience using CAD in the field of product research and development. Throughout his career, David's second calling has always been teaching. He's published countless articles and training courses used by hundreds of companies and universities and thousands of individuals.

We are proud of the products we produce for our customers, and the reviews they've given us. We're also proud to be a member of the Autodesk Developer Network.

CAD Community

In addition to the support we have from Autodesk we've also found helpful support from the CAD community. You'll find helpful tips and tricks from the links in the navigation panel on the left side of our web pages. Some of the articles from these web sites have been an inspiration for several lessons within our courses.

Autodesk InventorĀ® 2022:
Deluxe Bundle

No Installation Required

Watch from any device connected to the internet.

Inventor 2022: Deluxe Bundle


$139.95 - $279.95

Over 39.4 Hours of Video Instruction

The Autodesk Inventor 2022: Deluxe Bundle starts with the Solid Modeling course designed to help you gain a professional edges and sound footing for advanced concepts. The Assemblies and Advanced Concepts course extends your knowledge beyond the average advanced user. You learn how to streamline drawing and MBD construction using the 2D Drafting and Customization Course, and the Sheet Metal Design course kicks your skills up to an impressive level. This bundle is packed with tips and tricks.

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