Corporate Licensing

Get the Training You Need!

Workstation Installation

Courses and Course Bundles that install on your computers never expire. They will be helpful training tools for your employees for years to come.

This reduces downtime. When an employee forgets how a command procedure is done they just watch a video. They can use our Memory Jogger to search for what they need, and then get back to work. Your increased productivity is our goal.

Each license is User Profile specific. That is, each user account is considered a seat. The simplest way to look at this is you need a training seat for each CAD software seat.


  • Never Expires
  • Internet Access Optional

Online Training

Our Online Training is subscription based. It expires when your subscription expires.

The Online Training has the same content as our workstation training. It comes with a Memory Jogger search engine designed to help your employees find what they need and quickly get back to work. It also has all the documentation like part and assemblies files used in the courses.

The main difference between the Online Training and workstation training is it does not need to be installed on a computer. You can access this training from any device connected to the internet. So you can use a tablet, phone, or computer to get the training you need.

Each user is given a username and password. While a user is logged into their account they cannot login from a different device. They can logout of their account and then login from a different device. So there are no restrictions on the number of devices they use.

Quantity Discount

Quantity Discounts apply to both Workstation Installations and Online Training.
Simply change the quantity in your order to receive these discounts.

Order 2 to 4 Seats – Get 20% Off!
Order 5 to 9 Seats – Get 30% Off!
Order 10+ Seats – Get 40% Off!