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Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is easier to learn than you might think. You don’t need to know how mathematical matrices work or how to perform complicated mathematics. You just need to know how to use the SolidWorks FEA module. We show you how to do this with confidence in the results.

You’ll start by breaking down the overall process into simple to understand steps. With each step you learn more about what to do and why each step is taken. You’ll also learn the details needed to make an accurate analysis. When you’re finished, you’ll know how to simulate loads and the stresses, strains, and deflections produced by them. You’ll also know the accuracy of the study and whether to trust or not trust the results.

Mathematics is not your strong suit? No problem. This course uses simple math to analyze and check your work. You’ll also learn simple graphical methods of confirming the accuracy of study results, which requires no math. By the end of this course you’ll have the tools you need to accurately and confidently check your work.

You will learn practical ways of working with SolidWorks FEA Simulation. So you’ll be able to use it as a tool instead of a mysterious question mark.

49 Lessons (Listed Below)
4.4 Hours

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FEA Made Simple

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SOLIDWORKS 2018: FEA Made Simple

Simulation Setup
Basic Static Simulation
Basic Static Study Results
Normal Stress
Shear and Normal Stresses
Principal Stress Intro
Simulation Number Types
Mohr’s Circle
Coordinate Systems
Principal Stresses
Von Mises Stress
Normal vs Von Mises
Calculating Bending Stress
Equivalent Moments and Forces
Couples and Moments
Common Sense Deduction
Torsion and Shear
Combined Loads and Stresses
Point vs Area Loads
Hand vs FEA Calculations
Separate Bending and Torsion
Iso Clipping
Mesh Elements

Second Order Elements
Mesh Controls
Automatic Mesh Transitions
Curvature Based Meshes
Beam Slenderness Ratio
Understand Direction 1 2
Beam Analysis
Profile Stresses
Tapered Beams
Tapered Beam Elements
Introduction to Trusses
Method of Joints
Force Propagation
Constraining Trusses
Truss Study Details
Fixing Truss Joints
Solving Short Beam Problems
Fixing Unstable Models
Shell Elements
Convert Solid to Shell
Shell Study Details
Design by Displacement
Factor of Safety