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Advanced bundle - Best Price

Includes first 2 courses: Professional Modeling & Advanced Parts & Assemblies.

14.9 Hours of Video Instruction


$84.95 - $169.95

Expert Bundle

Includes first 3 courses: Professional Modeling, Advanced Parts & Assemblies, Mechanical Drawings.

19.1 Hours of Video Instruction


$114.95 - $229.95

Deluxe Bundle

Includes first 4 courses: Professional Modeling, Advanced Parts & Assemblies, Mechanical Drawings, and Sheet Metal Design.

23.1 Hours of Video Instruction


$139.95 - $279.95

All-In-One Bundle

Includes all 5 courses: Professional Modeling, Advanced Parts & Assemblies, Mechanical Drawings, Sheet Metal Design, and FEA Made Simple.

27.5 Hours of Video Instruction


$189.95 - $379.95

Professional Modeling

Professional Modeling says it all. The SolidWorks 2018: Professional Modeling course shows you how to create professionally sound SolidWorks models. You'll learn practical ways of working with SolidWorks. Even though this is the first course in the series it quickly takes you to an advanced level. These advanced concepts are used in subsequent courses.

7 Hours of Video Instruction

$54.95 - $109.95

Assemblies & Advanced Concepts

The power of configurations, custom part generators, and design tables is just a taste of what you'll learn from the SolidWorks 2018: Advanced Parts & Assemblies course. Your training will dive deeper than you might expect, and you'll find that using sound practices and procedures will make your models and assemblies bulletproof.

7.9 Hours of Video Instruction

$54.95 - $109.95

Mechanical Drawings

Make your mechanical drawings come alive watching the SolidWorks 2018: Mechanical Drawings course. One of the most important tasks is to setup your drawing templates to streamline your work. You will learn how to do this plus so much more. You'll create custom layers, title blocks, and borders to give your drawings a professional look.

4.2 Hours of Video Instruction

$54.95 - $109.95

Sheet Metal Design

Watch the SolidWorks 2018: Sheet Metal Design course and you'll be creating bulletproof sheet metal models and assemblies before you know it. This course shows you all the steps. We show you the best way to get the job done right. You start with the basics and you'll build your skills to an advanced level in the shortest time possible.

4 Hours of Video Instruction

$54.95 - $109.95

FEA Made Simple

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is easier to learn than you might think. You don't need to know how mathematical matrices work. You just need to know how to use the SolidWorks FEA module. The SolidWorks 2018: FEA Made Simple course shows you how to do this with confidence in the results.

4.4 Hours of Video Instruction

$69.95 - $139.95

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