Sheet Metal Design


Advance Your Sheet Metal Skills!

Learn how to take control of your sheet metal models and designs. Create fully functional assemblies and gain the experience you need to create professional sheet metal parts. This course shows you how it’s done.

The course starts by showing you how to use simple commands and progressively builds to more complex and advanced commands and procedures. Each step of the way you will learn more about how professionals create sheet metal parts and assemblies.

A critical part of building structurally sound sheet metal parts is to fully understand sheet metal settings. These include K-Factor, Bend and Gauge Tables, and much more. All of these settings help assure your models will unfold correctly and predict real world fabrication of your sheet metal parts. This course covers each setting in detail and in such a way that they’re easy to understand. You’ll easily understand complex concepts like Bend Allowances and Bend Deductions, and you’ll most likely be surprised at how easy they are to understand.

You’ll also practice using advanced assembly development methods like Top Down Design and Multi-body sheet metal modeling. This approach allows you to create sheet metal assemblies within a single part file. While working in this environment you have far more control over the design process. This also gives you more control over the structural integrity of your models. Your models will be structurally sound and editable, and all you need to do is follow the processes and procedures developed in this course.

When you’re finished with your models and assemblies you’ll need to create mechanical drawings. Coupled with your training from the Mechanical Drawings course and the added instruction about sheet metal drawings in this course, you will be able to make professional sheet metal drawings. You’ll be able to export DXF files for fabrication, and you’ll have everything you need to get the job done right.

This course is packed wither everything you need to work professionally with sheet metal.

33 Lessons (Listed Below)
3.9 Hours

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Sheet Metal Design

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SOLIDWORKS 2017: Sheet Metal Design

Base Flange Command
Edge Flange Command
Flange Profiles
Bend Relief Settings
Miter Flange Command
Corner Trim Command
Trick for Corner Relief
Linking Variables
K-Factors and BA
Bend Deduction
Bend Tables
Gauge Tables
Sheet Metal Templates
Basic Construction Strategy
Closing Corners
Hems in Detail
Bottom Up Sheet Metal Part I
Bottom Up Sheet Metal Part II
Bottom Up Sheet Metal Part III
Custom Drawing Bend Lines
Sheet Metal Drawing Colors
Sheet Metal Drawing Templates
Model to DXF
Drawing to DXF
Multi-Body Sheet Metal Intro
Holes on Multi-Bodies
Adding Bodies to Hole List
Simple Hole vs Hole Wizard
Multi-Body Practice and Tips
Multi-Body to Assembly
Multi-Body to Drawing and DXF