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Learn how to use SolidWorks 2017 professionally. This course shows you practical ways of creating expert level models. Learn the basics through advanced concepts while you practice each step. It’s the easiest way to learn.

You start with this course whether you’re a beginner or advanced user. Beginners will learn a structured practice while advanced users will unlearn bad habits. By the time you’re finished you’ll be ready for advanced topics discussed in later courses.

The SolidWorks 2017: Professional Modeling course begins with an introduction to sketches and gives you a tour of the user interface. You’ll practice applying automatic and inferred relations and you’ll learn how they differ. Ultimately you’ll understand how to fully constrain your sketches and learn why this is important.

After your brief introduction to sketches you’ll begin working with standard commands like Extrude and Revolve. You practice using these commands while gaining a footing for best practices.

Your training continues to more advanced commands like Linear Patterns, but you’ll also learn that you can evoke these commands from either the modeling or sketch environments. Which environment you use will determine the ease of editing your parts later. You will learn the fastest way to use these commands as well as the fastest methods of using all the modeling commands.

Sweeps are covered in detail. You’ll practice adding guide curves to sweeps to create complex shapes. You’ll also learn how to setup guide curves to get different and unexpected results. Once you’ve explored all facets of the Sweep command you’re ready to learn other advanced commands like Loft and the Hole Wizard. Each step of the way you’ll use best practices and sound procedures.

Lofts can also use guide curves and they’re subject to twist. You’ll practice changing the directions of loft twist as well as influencing the effect of guide cures. You’ll also compare Sweeps to Lofts and explore when one command would be used instead of the other.

You’ll practice working with 3D sketches and learn details about how to control and fully define sketch geometry. You’ll also learn how to control spines in both 2D and 3D sketches.

Common plastic commands are also taught like Mounting Bosses, Boss Fins, and Rib Matrices. You’ll practice adding draft and use advanced methods of working with plastic parts.

Once you’ve been using commands long enough to feel comfortable in the part modeling environment you learn how to customize it. You’ll learn how to setup shortcut keys and Mouse Gestures to help streamline your work and make evoking your favorite commands as quick as possible.

You’ll also learn how to use complex commands like the Boundary command to create complex features. The Dome command is covered in detail as well as Embossing and Engraving.

This course covers more than can be explained here. Look through the list of lesson below to get a glimpse of what it teaches.

All the while the main focus of the course is to teach sound practices and procedures that speed your work and improve your accuracy. This course is packed with tips and tricks that will make you an advanced modeler.
Professional Modeling focuses your training experience on part modeling. You will learn how some commands are better to use than others in specific circumstances, and how the construction procedure is important.

You’ll start by learning how to organize your files and templates and then you’ll quickly begin creating solid models. As you become more aware of how sketches are created you’ll practice using tips and tricks that will assure you have control over them. You’ll practice using standard commands like extrude and extruded cuts and then you’ll move to more advanced commands.

This course shows you best practices. So you’ll use different procedures to create the same model and compare how each procedure differs. Some procedures create models faster than others and the ease or difficulty of editing is explored in detail. The goal is to give you a true understanding of each command. The result of this is you will know the best approach given any circumstance.

With over 6.9 hours of video training, you’ll gain new insight about how to improve the speed and accuracy of your work. Each step of the way you will learn best practices while developing a strong foundation of skills.

Within a short time you will know what you need to know to create bulletproof models.

69 Lessons (Listed Below)
7.0 Hours

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While you’re logged into your account you can download files used in the courses, watch lessons, and practice the tasks taught in the lessons. Keep in mind that you will use your installation of SolidWorks to practice.

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SOLIDWORKS 2017: Professional Modeling

Custom Templates
Organizing File Storage Locations
Creating Sketches
Shaded Sketch Contours
Extruding a Profile
Mastering View Commands
UI Settings
Updating Templates
Inferred and Automatic Relations
Fully Defining Sketches
Mirroring Sketch Geometry
Revolving a Profile
Extruded Cuts
Linear Patterns
Circular Patterns
Sketch Patterns vs 3D Patterns
Missing Pattern Geometry
Guide Curve Sweep
Multiple Guide Curve Sweep
Wrap Path and Guide Curve
Advanced Sweep Profile Concepts
Practical Sweep Application
Introduction to the Shell command
Shell Command Strategy
Application of the Shell Command
Reusing Sketches
Introduction to the Hole Wizard
Oblique Surface Construction
Advanced Hole Placement
Finishing Features
Introduction to the Loft Command
Loft Twist and Connection Points
Loft Guide Curves
Loft Guide Curve Influence

Start and End Loft Constraints
Centerline Lofts
Closed Loop Lofts
Tangent Faces and Guide Curves
Sweep vs Loft
Using 3D Sketches
3D Sketch Planes
Advanced 3D Sketch Techniques
Mirroring Features
Introduction to Splines
Advanced Spline Constraints
Using 3D Splines
Mounting Bosses
Boss Fins
Trick for Adding Boss Ribs
Contour Ribs
Rib Matrix
Repairing Ribs
Strategy for Applying Fillets
Forcing Fillet Construction
Mouse Gestures
Shortcut Keys
Shortcut Bars
Multiple Sketch Relations
Copying Sketch Geometry
Boundary Command Details
Complex Boundaries
The Dome Command
Text on Sketches
More Text Strategies
Embossing and Engraving