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Constrain Inventor Splines Using Construction Lines

by David Melvin, PE, TEDCF Publishing

This is the second in a series of Tips and Tricks that will show you how to create and use 2D and 3D Splines. If you haven’t read the Drawing 2D Splines Tips and Tricks, you might want to read it before proceeding.

In this short exercise you will learn how to add Spline Points to a spline, and then you’ll use Construction Lines to gain more control over the shape of the spline. First you’ll create a spline loop, and then you’ll modify it to create a fully constrained elliptical shape.

Create a Three Point Spline Loop.
Open a new standard part file, and then use the Spline command in the 2D Sketch Panel to create a Three Point Spline Loop.

Three Point Spline Loop
  1. Click the Spline command.
  2. Click three points in the graphics area.
  3. Double click the first point to create the spline.
  4. Type the escape key to exit Spline mode.

Add a Spline Point.
The spline will have four spline points, which…

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