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Move Copy Sketch Geometry with Autodesk Inventor

By David Melvin, PE, TEDCF Publishing

The next step is to select the Base Point. This is typically the point where the geometry you are copying connects with the geometry you are not copying. In this case it’s the node on the top of the construction line.

Click the Base Point button, and then select the node.

Move Copy Sketch Geometry

The next step is to place the copied geometry away from the other geometry.

Move Copy Sketch Geometry

Select a location, and then click Done to close the Move dialog box.

We’ve copied new geometry, but we don’t know how it’s constrained. The goal at this time is to reduce the number of dimensions required to fully constrain the sketch to 2 dimensions. These dimensions are location dimensions in the X and Y directions.

Move Copy Sketch Geometry

This sketch needs 3 dimensions. 2 of them are location dimensions, and the third one is a Vertical constraint on the construction line. The original line was constrained perpendicular to a horizontal line, and the horizontal line was not copied, so this constraint is not present. I just need to add a Vertical constraint to the line.

Move Copy Sketch Geometry

The next step is to drag the node on the construction line to the midpoint on the line on the column.

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