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Fully Constraining Sketches in Autodesk Inventor

By John Koop, TEDCF Publishing

The importance of fully constraining your sketches in Inventor cannot be over stated. When a part or sketch is not functioning correctly, it can almost always be traced back to an unconstrained sketch.

Take a look at the pictures below. This is a basic flange part.

Fully Constraining Sketches

This is the sketch that the flange was extruded from. If you look closely at the sketch, you will notice that it is not fully constrained. It is missing three dimensions. You can easily rectify this by constraining the center of the circles to the origin node and then adding a dimension for the larger circle.

Fully Constraining Sketches

First, let’s see what can go wrong. Change the smaller circle’s diameter to 1.5 inches.

When you update the part…

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