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Improving Inventor Assembly Performance with Levels of Detail

by John Koop, Inventor Specialist, TEDCF Publishing

I try to spend time each day perusing Inventor and other CAD forums and lately I’ve noticed several posts referring to “sluggish” assemblies. When assemblies become large, they tend to slow down a bit. Adding more RAM or upgrading your computer always helps, but how can you improve the performance of assemblies without shelling out more money?

There are several ways to improve the performance of assemblies, but the one that stands out is Levels of Detail which reduces the overhead of assembly components and subassemblies. This, in turn, speeds up the functionality of Inventor assemblies.

The Basics

Inventor has four predefined Levels of Detail: Master, All Components Suppressed, All Parts Suppressed, and All Content Center Suppressed.

level of detail 1

The Master LOD contains the entire assembly with nothing suppressed.

The All Components Suppressed LOD suppresses all the components in the assembly. Components can then be unsuppressed as needed.

The All Parts Suppressed LOD suppresses all the parts but does not suppress sub-assemblies. This way, the structure of the assembly is still available for study.

The All Content Center LOD suppresses all components used from the Content Center.

Custom Levels of Detail
In addition to the four predefined Levels of Detail, you can…

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