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Inventor Undo Command is Not Always the Best Fix

by John Koop, Inventor Specialist, TEDCF Publishing

To Undo, or not to Undo? That is the question. I’m sure at some point every Inventor user has had to hit the Undo command a few times to make a necessary change, like adding in a forgotten Fillet or resizing an aspect of a part. The reason for clicking Undo so many times is that changes must be made at the right point in the design or problems could arise.

You are forced to undo to a point where you can make that change, but there is an easier way:

As you can see in image 1 I have a basic box that has been hollowed out with the Shell command.

to undo 1

Now I realize that I need to add a 3.2 mm fillet to the outside corners. When I add it, the box’s walls are not thick enough and the corners are cut off.

A common way of fixing this problem is to click Undo until I have reached a point from before I used the Shell command.

A better method is to…

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