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Inventor PowerPoint Presentations with Embedded DWFs

by David Melvin, PE, TEDCF Publishing

The next step is to link the viewer to a DWF file. Right click on the viewer and select Autodesk DWF Viewer Control Object – Properties.

autodesk dwf viewer control object properties

Click the Browse button and then select the DWF file you created. Once you’ve done that, click OK.

dwf source path tab

Test Your Slide.
The last step is to test your slide. Type the F5 key to start the slide show.

test dwf

You should have full access to all the commands in the DWF viewer. Try clicking the Rotate command (The green planet like icon) and then drag your pointer around on the screen to rotate the object.

Limitations on the DWF Viewer within PowerPoint
The DWF Viewer may not be available when you try to insert the Object into the slide. This usually happens when the Autodesk Viewer is not installed on your computer. See my Tips and Tricks on Sharing Your Files to learn how to have the viewer automatically install onto your system.

Why is this Important?
Communication is very important. After all, the true purpose of Inventor is to communicate ideas and designs to others. By extending this ability to your PowerPoint presentations you can significantly enhance your message to your audience.

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