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Tube & Pipe Routed Systems

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While the Tube and Pipe module is a powerful way to create pipe, tube, and hose assemblies, it’s a little too complex to learn on your own. That said, the Tube and Pipe Routed Systems course makes it simple. Within a short time you be able to create any run you want complete with custom fittings and custom components.

First you’ll learn how routed systems affect BOMs and how to assure your BOMs look the way you want them to. Keep in mind that this is an advanced course that assumes you know how to customize BOM tables. If you need to learn how to do this you should watch the 2D Drafting and Customization course as well as the Assemblies and Advanced Concepts course. The Tube and Pipe Routed Systems course shows you how to setup your routes so that the outcome is a structured BOM. It gives you control over what and where components are listed in the BOM.

You’ll also learn how to publish custom components like pipes, fittings, tubes, and hoses. Your custom components will be stored in your custom library in the Content Center. So not only will you learn to use all the components that come with Inventor, you’ll learn how to create your own.

If you’ve played around with the Tube and Pipe module you know it can be difficult to keep routes under control. That is they can unexpectedly move and reroute themselves. This is actually a procedural problem. The Tube and Pipe model is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do. What you need to do is take control of your routes, and this course shows you how it’s done. You will have full control over routes by the time you finish this course.

57 Lessons (Listed Below)
5.1 Hours

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Autodesk Inventor® 2016:
Tube & Pipe Routed Systems

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Autodesk Inventor® 2016:
Tube & Pipe Routed Systems
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Inventor 2016: Tube & Pipe Routed Systems

Content Center File Locations
Introduction to Routed Systems
Intro to Tube and Pipe Styles
BOMs and Routed Systems
BOM Customization
Adopting a Structured Process
Copying Tube and Pipe Styles
Custom Tube and Pipe Styles
Tube and Pipe Style Rules
Dimensioning Autoroutes
BOM Consolidation
Import Export Styles
Tube and Pipe Templates
3D Route Tool Ridged Pipe
Stock Pipe and Deleting Nodes
Tube and Pipe Authoring
Engagement Range Settings
Inline Authored Components
Replacing Fittings
Connecting Fittings
Inserting Fittings
Custom iPart Requirements
Custom Pipe iPart Styles
Custom Coupling iPart Styles
Custom Elbow iPart Styles
Custom Reducer iPart Styles
Custom Valve iPart Styles
Custom Tube and Pipe Library

Batch Publishing iParts
Testing Published iParts
Setting Up Custom iPart Styles
Preparing Assemblies
Strategy for Editable Routes I
Strategy for Editable Routes II
Updating Styles
Constraining Autoroutes
Modifiable Assemblies
Derived Routes
Autoroutes vs Derived Routes
Phantom Route Guide
Updating BOMs
System Defined Levels of Detail
Flexible Hose Styles
Flexible Hose Routes
Editing Hose Routes
Mastering Tubing Routes I
Mastering Tubing Routes II
Publishing Self Draining iParts
Custom Self Draining Styles
Self Draining Routes
Derived Assemblies
Reducers and Runs
Trick for Placing Fittings
Tricks for Constraining Routes
Connecting Runs