Autodesk Inventor® 2016
2D Drafting and Customization

Master Inventor!

2D Drawings and Model Based Definition!

The Autodesk Inventor 2016: 2D Drafting and Customization course shows you how to setup custom drawing template complete with automated title blocks and tables. You’ll learn the basics through advanced methods of working in the 2D Drawing environment to create professional looking drawings. BOMs, Parts Lists, and tables are covered in detail as well as all the drafting commands.

This course starts by showing you how to create basic drawing views and quickly moves to customization of borders and title blocks. Within the first few lessons you’ll know how to create title blocks that automatically fill in component information. Once you’ve done that you’ll customize BOM layout and learn how BOM structures work. You’ll learn how Parts Lists and BOMs work together and your options for inserting balloons into assembly drawing.

You’ll create custom materials and appearances to give your parts a more realistic look. You’ll practice customizing the Inventor User Interface to help streamline your work. The list goes on.

The 2D Drafting and Customization course is all you’ll need to produce professional drawings and enhance the user interface.

84 Lessons (Listed Below)
7.7 Hours

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Autodesk Inventor® 2016:
2D Drafting & Customization

Permanent license installs on your computer

Autodesk Inventor® 2016:
2D Drafting & Customization
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Permanent license installs on your computer

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Inventor 2016: 2D Drafting and Customization

Introduction to Drawings
Base Views
Drawing Views
Custom Predefined Template Views
Customizing Backgrounds
Custom Borders
Custom Title Blocks
Property Field Types
File iProperties
Drawing Projects
Bill of Materials
Content Center Parts in BOMs
BOM Levels and Part Lists
BOM Structures
Replacing Content Center Parts
Exporting BOMs
Parts Lists
Editing a Parts List
Customizing a Parts List
Break Out Views
Overlay Views
Crop Command
Slice Command
View Alignment
Hole Tables
Administration Projects
Custom Parts List Style
Custom Drafting Styles
Custom Dimensioning Style Part I
Custom Dimensioning Style Part II
Notes and Leader Callouts
More Drafting Styles
Custom Text Styles
Dimensioning Drawings Part I
Dimensioning Drawings Part II
Dimensioning Drawings Part III
Bolt Circles and Section Lines
Sketched Symbols and Notes
Templates and Styles Part I
Templates and Styles Part II

Custom Material Libraries
Customizing Materials
Material Projects
Custom Appearance Libraries
Using Custom Appearances
Details of Appearance Settings
Custom Physical Assets
Appearances From Images
Materials From Scratch
Migrating Older Styles
Custom Ribbon Panels
Shortcut Keys and Command Aliases
Customizing the Marking Menu
User Interface Visibility
Object Visibility
Constraint Options and Persistence
Relax Mode
Applying Your Skills Part I
Applying Your Skills Part II
Applying Your Skills Part III
Opening and Modifying AutoCAD DWGs
Creating Solids from AutoCAD DWGs
Inventor DWG Files
Exporting and Importing DWG Files