Sheet Metal Design


Advance Your Sheet Metal Skills!

Watch this course and you’ll be creating bulletproof sheet metal models and assemblies before you know it. This course shows you how to setup your sheet metal settings to streamline your work. You’ll practice using all the commands while exploring advanced design processes like bottom up and top down design. You’ll use multi-body modeling practices and much more. This course is a must see.

You’ll start by using a few sheet metal commands to create various shapes. Each command is explained in detail while you practice changing all the settings. The instructor will change a setting and show you how it affects the model. He’ll also explain how one setting or command makes the model easier or harder to edit later. You’ll also practice creating models in different ways to understand how one method is better than another.

Once you’ve been introduced to a few commands you’ll begin working with sheet metal settings. Sheet metal settings control how a model unfolds to create a flat pattern. So it’s critical to have a clear understanding of how sheet metal settings work and how they affect flatter patterns.

After you understand the details of sheet metal settings you’re ready to begin creating basic through complex sheet metal parts. You’ll practice advanced methods of using the commands as well as bottom up design strategies. Next you’ll practice using top down design strategies and compare top down to bottom up. Ultimately you work with a hybrid of both design strategies.

This course also extends the concepts developed in the Mechanical Drawings course to include sheet metal drawings. You’ll practice adding both the folded and flat pattern to drawings. Practice changing the color, weight, and style of bend lines, and you’ll learn how to control bend callouts.

This course is packed with tips and trick that will help significantly improve your sheet metal modeling.

33 Lessons (Listed Below)
4.0 Hours

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Sheet Metal Design

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Sheet Metal Design
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SOLIDWORKS 2019: Sheet Metal Design

Base Flange Command
Edge Flange Command
Flange Profiles
Bend Relief Settings
Miter Flange Command
Corner Trim Command
Trick for Corner Relief
Linking Variables
K-Factors and BA
Bend Deduction
Bend Tables
Gauge Tables
Sheet Metal Templates
Basic Construction Strategy
Closing Corners
Hems in Detail
Bottom Up Sheet Metal Part I
Bottom Up Sheet Metal Part II
Bottom Up Sheet Metal Part III
Custom Drawing Bend Lines
Sheet Metal Drawing Colors
Sheet Metal Drawing Templates
Model to DXF
Drawing to DXF
Multi-Body Sheet Metal Intro
Holes on Multi-Bodies
Adding Bodies to Hole List
Simple Hole vs Hole Wizard
Multi-Body Practice and Tips
Multi-Body to Assembly
Multi-Body to Drawing and DXF