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SOLIDWORKS® 2019: All-in-One Bundle

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"Spectacular. Every time I watch videos from TEDCF, I learn something I never knew about because it was obscurely touched upon by other video tutorials by other companies. It is progressive and methodically put together and presented in nice easily digestible amounts. As a teacher of SolidWorks I need to keep up on everything this program can do and the tutorials are a great way to refresh my memory about them. Since no one uses everything in the program constantly, it is easy to get rust on those neurons in a short time period. Great job with the tutorials TEDCF."
College of Southern Nevada
Richard Williams
CAD Instructor, College of Southern Nevada

Richard Williams uses our SolidWorks training courses to teach his students. He says it helps him prepare for classes, and you uses the training to teach his students.

Customer feedback has helped us perfect our courses. At the end of each course we ask our customers to write a review. It’s completely voluntary. Here is what they wrote.

SOLIDWORKS® 2019: All-in-One Bundle
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Permanent license installs on your computer

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Get the SOLIDWORKS Skills You Need!

3D modeling is more than just knowing the commands. You need to experience shortcomings of one approach and the benefits of different method. As you do you begin to build a foundation of best practices. In fact, a good portion of SOLIDWORKS users have learned to use the software by this trial and error approach.

The problem with this is it takes a long time (sometimes years), and your models suffer. You have to rebuild your models several times before they become structurally sound and editable. In fact the arsenal of models you’ve created become suspect.

Our courses cut through this process to teach you how to create bulletproof models and assemblies. We know that you need to know why you would use one method over another. So we show you several methods of performing the same task while you learn the benefits and shortcomings of each method.

This gives you a toolbox of skills to choose from and you’ll know which tool to use for specific cases.

SOLIDWORKS Training Beyond the Commands!

Our SolidWorks training courses don’t just show you how the commands work, they give you the skills you need to use them effectively.

You know that 3D-CAD is supposed to increase your productivity, but in order to do this you need to know the details about how the commands work. More importantly you need to know effective ways of getting your work done.

Our courses strike at the heart of this problem by showing you how to be effective. You start with the basics and progressively build a strong understanding of how the commands work as well as how to use them effectively. This will help you maximize your productivity and the quality of your work.

Are you ready to go beyond the commands?

Your Instructor

David Melvin, PE, is a world renowned Autodesk Authorized Author, Autodesk University Speaker, and expert in the field of 3D Computer Aided Design.  Using over 25 years of hands-on engineering and consulting experience, David has taught engineers, draftsmen, college professors, and students all over the world effective use of 3D CAD.

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SOLIDWORKS 2019 Training Courses

278 Video Training Lessons - 27.3 Hours - 5 Courses

The first SolidWorks training course in the series is Professional Modeling. It teaches just what the name implies. You’ll learn practical ways of working with SolidWorks in a professional and structured manner. Specifically, you’ll learn best practice methods of creating bulletproof models.

With over 7 hours of video instruction, the Professional Modeling course is all you need to build a strong platform of skills. You’ll use these SolidWorks skills in subsequent courses.

Learn to generate custom parts by creating a custom SolidWorks part generators. Practice working with configurations, design tables, and many other advanced concepts. You’ll find that using sound practices and procedures will make your models and assemblies bulletproof.

Get tips and learn tricks that are based in professional use. You will also see each step and we explain why each step is taken. There is no better way to learn.

You will learn how to create professional mechanical drawings from the components and assemblies constructed in the first two courses. All the commands associated with 2D drawings are covered in detail. Learn how to create custom title blocks that automatically fill out information about the part or assembly in the drawing. Create custom borders, custom sheet formats, custom revision tables, custom BOMs, everything you need to create professional drawings. Also learn tips and tricks that will help you speed up your work and simplify drawing creation.

Watch this course and you’ll be creating bulletproof sheet metal models and assemblies before you know it. This course shows you how to setup your sheet metal settings to streamline your work. You’ll practice using all the command while exploring advanced design processes like bottom up and top down design. You’ll use multi-body modeling practices and much more. This course is a must see.

Learn how to leverage SolidWorks 2019 FEA using simple to understand training. The FEA Made Simple course uses easy to understand mathematics and stress analysis concepts to explain the complex behavior of FEA studies. If you understand basic algebra you can understand FEA.

This doesn’t mean you won’t be able to use the full power of SolidWorks FEA. In fact, you’ll be able to leverage the full extent of the module that comes with SolidWorks Premium. With this powerful tool you’ll be able to perform stress and deflection analyses and confirm their accuracy with simple math and a few tips and tricks taught in this course.

The FEA Made Simple course dives deep into the FEA module explaining how meshes and mesh elements work. This leads to understanding notch sensitivity and how to deal with it. From knowing all the different types of stress and how to apply them to fundamental concepts, this course shows you what you need to know to productively and accurately use FEA.