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Leverage Your FEA Studies!

The FEA module in SolidWorks Premium is a powerful tool that allows you to predict failure and deflection of your parts, and it’s easier to learn than you might think. While most courses use complicated math to check the accuracy of FEA studies this course uses a simpler approach. It confirms that the output of the study is close to simple calculations. If it is it assumes the output is accurate.

It’s a little like using your calculator. If you take 107 and divide it by 9 you know the answer is a little over 10 just by looking at it. Type 107 divided by 9 in your calculator and you get 11.9. So without doing any hand calculations we feel confident about this output. If the output was 45 we would not feel confident because it should be a little over 10.

Keeping with this analogy, if you divide 107 by 9 with your calculator you don’t do long division hand calculations to confirm the output is correct. The same basic concept should be applied to FEA. Let the computer to the heavy lifting while you do simple calculations to assure the output is in the ballpark.

That said, FEA is far more complicated than a simple division problem, but this course makes it easy. It shows you what you need to know and gives you practical skills. You’ll learn tips and tricks for simplifying the analysis of you FEA studies.

You’ll learn about the differences between stresses and how each stress type provides information about your model. You’ll learn how FEA elements work and how they chain together to calculate and create study results. You’ll learn the importance of mesh density and how to modify meshes when examining stress risers. You’ll learn about torsion, bending, and axial loading. You’ll learn about first order, second order, beam, and shell elements. Truss studies and using the Method of Joints is also covered.

The FEA Made Simple course does just what the title says. It makes learning FEA simple and gives you practical methods of unlocking the power of this amazing tool.

49 Lessons (Listed Below)
4.3 Hours

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FEA Made Simple

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FEA Made Simple
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SOLIDWORKS 2016: FEA Made Simple

Simulation Setup
Basic Static Simulation
Basic Static Study Results
Normal Stress
Shear and Normal Stresses
Principal Stress Intro
Simulation Number Types
Mohr’s Circle
Coordinate Systems
Principal Stresses
Von Mises Stress
Normal vs Von Mises
Calculating Bending Stress
Equivalent Moments and Forces
Couples and Moments
Common Sense Deduction
Torsion and Shear
Combined Loads and Stresses
Point vs Area Loads
Hand vs FEA Calculations
Separate Bending and Torsion
Iso Clipping
Mesh Elements

Second Order Elements
Mesh Controls
Automatic Mesh Transitions
Curvature Based Meshes
Beam Slenderness Ratio
Understand Direction 1 2
Beam Analysis
Profile Stresses
Tapered Beams
Tapered Beam Elements
Introduction to Trusses
Method of Joints
Force Propagation
Constraining Trusses
Truss Study Details
Fixing Truss Joints
Solving Short Beam Problems
Fixing Unstable Models
Shell Elements
Convert Solid to Shell
Shell Study Details
Design by Displacement
Factor of Safety