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Inventor iLogic for Beginners- Eliminating Spelling Errors

by John Koop, Inventor Specialist, TEDCF Publishing

This is another in a series of tips designed to show Inventor users that iLogic is not as confusing as it seems. This quick tip will show you how to cut down on spelling errors when writing rules.

Many of the errors users face can be traced back to spelling mistakes. One way to avoid this is to copy all of the Parameter and variable names from parts and/or assemblies to a Notepad file.  Once you’ve done that you and then copy and paste form notepad directly into your code.

As you can see in the picture below, I have a list of parameters with the WidthSide parameter highlighted.

Eliminating Spelling Errors

All I need to do is copy and paste into the code and I know that it is spelled correctly.

Eliminating Spelling Errors

Using iLogic is not as hard as it seems, but make sure you don’t make it hard by having frustrating spelling errors in your code!

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