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Copy Sketch Geometry with Autodesk Inventor

By David Melvin, PE, TEDCF Publishing

The first step is to select the geometry you want to copy.

Copy Sketch Geometry

In this case I’ve selected the circle and the construction line.

The next step is to select the Base Point, which is going to become the Insertion Point. You will need to move the geometry to fully constrain it, so it really does not matter where the Base Point is.  I recommend that you select the point where the geometry will attach to other geometry.

Copy Sketch Geometry

In this case I have selected the node on the top of the construction line.

Click to place a new copy in the graphics area.

Copy Sketch Geometry

You can click in the graphics area to add as many copies as you want.  I’m adding two copies, so the only new copy I’ve made is the one on the right.  So I only have two copies and the geometry is still attached to my pointer.

The next step is to click the Done button to close the dialog box.

Copy Sketch Geometry

Once you’ve made your copies, drag them in place to fully constrain the sketch.

Copy Sketch Geometry

The key to making this easy is to fully constrain the first copy before you use the Copy command.  If you do all you’ll need to do is drag the copies in place, and this will fully constrain the sketch.

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