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Hole Patterns on Cylindrical Parts

By David Melvin, PE, TEDCF Publishing

Autodesk Inventor creates accurate geometry based on the process used to create parts. So you need to use similar processes when you make your models.

This tip shows you how to make a pattern of round holes on a cylinder. It assumes that the process used to make the part creates round holes.

An example of a process that does not create round holes is a cylinder made from a sheet of metal. Holes are drilled in the sheet, and then it is bent into a cylinder. The process bends the holes as well, so they are not round. Read my tip on Patterns on Cylindrical Parts to learn how to make this type of pattern.


Patterns on Cylindrical Parts

This cylinder has a pattern of round holes. It’s more difficult to manufacture because the holes need to be drilled or chased after the cylinder is made to make them round.

The Process
Extrude the…

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