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Patterns on Cylindrical Parts

By David Melvin, PE, TEDCF Publishing

The Process
First you need to know the inner diameter of the cylinder. Let’s say it’s 1-inch.

Patterns on Cylindrical Parts Sketch

Next you need to draw a rectangular profile. One side is the length of the cylinder (2 inches) and the other side is the circumference of the ID. In this case the circumference is 1 inch times p, which is 3.14159 in.

Patterns on Cylindrical Parts Extrude

The next step is to extrude the profile to make a plate. In this example it was extruded .094 of an inch.

Patterns on Cylindrical Parts Sketch 2

Now you have to cut the first hole(s). Draw the profiles, and then cut an extrusion of the profiles through the plate.

Patterns on Cylindrical Parts holes

The dimensions for the holes control the spacing as well as the fit on the plate. When the pattern is applied the last hole in the pattern should be the same distance from the other end. So these dimensions were calculated to assure that the pattern fits uniformly on the plate.

Patterns on Cylindrical Parts Pattern

The next step is to…

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