Autodesk Inventor® 2014
Solid Modeling

Master Inventor!

Make bulletproof models and know what makes them structurally sound!

The Autodesk Inventor 2014: Solid Modeling course is the first course in the series designed to assure your models and assemblies are structurally sound and modifiable. This course focuses on practical methods of creating models. You’ll use all the commands in the part environment while you learn best practice. Each lesson progressively builds your skills. So it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or advanced user. You will learn best practices from this course.

If you’re an advanced user you can skip the first few lessons because it introduces you to the Inventor User Interface. You’ll practice creating a sketch, and you’ll learn where to find the commands. Once this is done you will begin building a strong foundation of skills that assure your models are functionally sound. If you’ve worked with Inventor you know this is important. Poorly constructed models may need to be scrapped and reconstructed.

During your training journey you will practice using all the feature commands. You’ll learn how to use parameters, how and when to share sketches, various construction strategies, and much more. This course covers everything you need to create professionally sound models. Look through the list of lessons to learn more.

112 Lessons (Listed Below)
9.9 Hours

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Autodesk Inventor® 2014:
Solid Modeling

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Autodesk Inventor® 2014:
Solid Modeling
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Permanent license installs on your computer

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Autodesk Inventor®
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Inventor 2014: Solid Modeling

Getting Started
The Open Dialog Box
Create a Project
Overview of the User Interface
The Heads Up Display
Create a Sketch
Sketch Constraints
Extruding a Profile
The In-Canvas Display
Mini-Toolbar Customization
The Marking Menu
Marking Menu Customization
Editing Profiles
View Cube and Navigation Bar
Sketches vs Profiles
Solid Bodies
Template View Orientation
Constraining Profiles
Creating Profiles From Solids
More Mini-Toolbars
Default Work Planes
Revolve a Feature
Trick for Constraining Sketches
Constraining the Axis of Revolution
Projecting Geometry
Creating Work Planes
Extruding to a Plane
Sharing Sketches
Construction Lines
Mirroring Features
Circular Feature Array
Rectangular Feature Array
Application Options
Creating Holes
Placing Holes Part I
Placing Holes Part II
Creating Hole Patterns Part I
Creating Hole Patterns Part II
Threaded Holes
Advanced Thread Settings
Finishing Features
Clearance Holes
Pipe Thread Holes
Fundamentals of the Shell Command
Using the Shell Command
3D Construction Stage I
3D Construction Stage II
3D Construction Stage III
Breaking Rules
Ribs Parallel to Sketch
Ribs Perpendicular to Sketch

Draft and Ejector Pads
Control Vertex Splines
Bridge Curve Splines
Interpolation Splines
Constraining Splines
Tweaking Splines
Fit and Tension
Sweep Path and Guide Rail
Sweep Path and Guide Surface
Introduction to 3D Sketches
Using 3D Sketches
3D Splines and Coils
Mirroring Sketch Geometry
Editing Mirrored Sketches
Automating Patterns
Linear Slots
Arced Slots
Loft Conditions
Loft Transition and Point Mapping
Lofts with Rails
Rails on Cylindrical Lofts
Tricks for Round Spline Sweeps
Square Sweeps
Centerline Lofts
Skin Bodies
Adjusting Color
Closed Loop Lofts
Area Lofts
Loft Strategies
The Lip Command
Coils and Springs
Parameters and Tolerances
Linking Excel Spreadsheets
Importing Points
The Bend Part Command
Bending Conical and Loft Parts
Moving Faces
The Emboss Command
The Boss Command Part I
The Boss Command Part II
Ribs on Bosses
The Rest Command
The Grill Command
Rule Fillets
Replacing and Splitting Faces
The Sculpt Command
Modifying and Stitching Surfaces
Patch Stitch IGES Files I
Patch Stitch IGES Files II
Editing a Solid – Move Faces
Editing a Solid – Offset
Editing a Solid – Extend Contract
2D Equation Curves
3D Equation Curves