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Advanced bundle - Best Price

Includes first 2 courses: Solid Modeling & Assemblies and Advanced Concepts.

20.7 Hours of Video Instruction


$84.95 - $169.95

Expert Bundle

Includes first 3 courses: Solid Modeling, Assemblies and Advanced Concepts, and 2D Drafting and Customization.

27.1 Hours of Video Instruction


$114.95 - $229.95

Deluxe Bundle

Includes first 4 courses: Solid Modeling, Assemblies and Advanced Concepts, 2D Drafting and Customization, and Sheet Metal Design.

36.2 Hours of Video Instruction


$139.95 - $279.95

Ultimate Bundle

Includes all 7 courses: Solid Modeling, Assemblies and Advanced Concepts, 2D Drafting and Customization, Sheet Metal Design, Tube and Pipe Routed Systems, Inventor Studio Made Simple, iLogic Made Simple

50.8 Hours of Video Instruction


$199.95 - $399.95

Solid Modeling

The Autodesk Inventor 2014: Solid Modeling course is the first course in the series designed to assure your models structurally sound. You'll use all the commands in the part environment while you learn best practice. So it doesn't matter if you're a beginner or advanced user. You will learn best practices from this course.

9.8 Hours of Video Instruction

$54.95 - $109.95

Assemblies & Advanced Concepts

The Autodesk Inventor 2014: Assemblies & Advanced Concepts course is the second course in the series. It shows you advanced ways of creating models as well as tips and tricks that assure your models are structurally sound. You'll also learn advanced methods of creating assemblies.

10.9 Hours of Video Instruction

$54.95 - $109.95

2D Drafting & Customization

The Autodesk Inventor 2014: 2D Drafting and Customization course helps you quickly and accurately develop mechanical drawings. It shows you how to customize drawing templates that automatically fill in title blocks and much more. It's packed with tips and tricks .

6.4 Hours of Video Instruction

$54.95 - $109.95

Sheet Metal Design

The Autodesk Inventor 2014: Sheet Metal Design course expands your modeling skills for both sheet metal and standard parts. You'll learn how to use all the sheet metal commands, how to assure your models unfold, and how to create custom punches. It covers everything you'll need to create professional sheet metal parts.

9.1 Hours of Video Instruction

$54.95 - $109.95

Tube & Pipe Routed Systems

The Autodesk Inventor 2014: Tube and Pipe Routed Systems course removes the mystery from the Tube and Pipe model. It shows you how to successfully control routes and BOMs. You'll create and publish custom components, pipes, tubes, and hoses. This course is packed with everything you need.

5.2 Hours of Video Instruction

$54.95 - $109.95

Inventor Studio Made Simple

The Autodesk Inventor 2014: Inventor Studio Made Simple course is helpful if you need to show others your work. For example, you can create videos of your assemblies being assembled and disassembles. You can create professionally rendered images for marketing purposes. This course shows you step by step how it's done.

2.9 Hours of Video Instruction

$54.95 - $109.95

iLogic Made Simple

The Autodesk Inventor 2014: iLogic Made Simple course simplifies iLogic and gives you the ability to unlock the power of this amazing tool. You don't need to be a programmer to use it. Follow the simple steps in the course and you'll be able to create assemblies, components, and drawings with a single click of a button.

6.5 Hours of Video Instruction

$54.95 - $109.95

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