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Introduction to Algebra the Game


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Algebra the Game teaches algebraic moves.

Did you know advanced mathematicians use a simpler way to do math?

It's true. They use shortcuts most people don't know about to speed up their work.

It basically comes down to moving pieces the same way you play checkers or chess.

Move a few pieces and you can figure out the number of gallons of water in your bathtub. Move a few more pieces and figure out your gas mileage or the area of a room.

How do you do this? The first step is to play Algebra the Game. It's free and easy to play. Click Start above to get started.

The next step is to take Algebra the Course - Fundamentals. It uses the moves you learn in Algebra the Game to solve algebraic problems.

You'll learn how to scale almost anything. For example you might need to scale an image down or up. This course shows you how it's done. In fact, you'll know how to scale anything.

Most people are amazed at what you can figure out with these simple algebraic rules. You'll practice and master them because they're so simple.

Click Start above to learn a simple algebraic rule. You'll see it's easier than most people think.


Algebra the Course - Fundamentals

Prerequisites: None, anyone can learn.

No Installation Required

Watch from any device connected to the internet.

Algebra the Course - Fundamentals


Algebra the Course - Fundamentals

This course makes algebra simple. It's based on skills used in Algebra the Game, and it shows you how to solve real life problems.

Prerequisites: None. Anyone wanting to learn algebra can take this course. It helps to play Algebra the Game to at least Level-4.

When you buy you will receive an email containing a link to setup your account. It's easy. You'll just enter a User Name and your Email Address. Click Go, and your account is setup.

Multiple Users? No problem. Set the Quantity (15 max/order) and buy. Click your accounts setup link. Enter first names and email addresses. Click Go, and access is emailed to each student.

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