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Create Cutting Edge Models and Assemblies

SOLIDWORKS 2021: MBD Made Simple shows you how to use both SOLIDWORKS Premium and the MBD addin to generate professional PMI. All the PMI added to your models is done using SOLLIDWORKS Premium commands. Professional looking screenshots and PDF templates and files are created using SOLIDWORKS MBD. You will become master of both.

If you’ve tried to use MBD Dimension commands you know there’s a little more to it than you first thought. Dimensions can break and it’s difficult to know where to start. This course simplifies everything and shows you how to get the job done right.

You’ll practice using all the MBD Dimension commands. You’ll setup all the settings that control precision and tolerance specifications, and you’ll learn a workflow that assures your PMI is stable and professional looking.

This course is dedicated to showing you how to setup everything you need to streamline your work. You’ll learn how to setup your part and assembly templates so that all you need to do is add dimensions to your models. Practice using different tolerance methods so that you can setup your templates and automate the whole process.

Even though the course does not teach Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing you will know how to use MBD Dimension commands that apply GD&T. You will learn a founding concept about Datums that is rooted in GD&T, and you’ll practice applying Feature Control Frames to your models.

The workflow you use depends on whether or not you have the MBD addin installed. You’ll learn both workflows, so that you can maximize your skills.

It starts showing a workflow using just SOLIDWORKS Premium commands, which are found in the MBD Dimension tab. It’s a powerful workflow that helps you streamline your work and increase productivity.

Once you have a strong foundation of the MBD Dimension commands you’re ready to use MBD addin commands. This transition reverses the workflow and supercharges your productivity. Some MBD commands simplify your work, but knowing both workflows gives you a deeper understanding about how the MBD commands work. It also gives you more control over how PMI is applied to your models and assemblies.

This course is packed with tips and tricks and several workarounds designed to speed your work and improve the quality of the final product. With the custom PDF templates you’ll create in this course your PDF files you give you a professional edge.

49 Lessons (Listed Below)
4.3 Hours

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MBD Made Simple

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MBD Made Simple
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Permanent license installs on your computer

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SOLIDWORKS 2021: MBD Made Simple

MBD Files Folders and Templates
General Tolerances
Dimension and Tolerance Precision
Block Tolerances
Size Dimension Settings
Visual Response
Fixing Pattern Problems
Stability of Combined Dimensions
Location Dimension Settings
Streamlining Workflow
Introduction to Datums
Placing Datums
Datum Types
Pattern Feature Dimensions
Combining Dimensions
Combining Dimensions Trick
Controlling Annotation Planes
Fully Defining Features
Fully Defining Models
MBD Geometric Tolerances
Dimension Order Error
Basic Dimensions
Fixing Broken Dimensions
Annotation Views
Controlling View Orientation
Moving Dimensions to Views
Linear Diameters
Section and Detail Views
Chamfer Fillet Dimension Orientation

Orientation Tips and Tricks
Pattern Feature Command
Intersections and Midplanes
Notes and Libraries
File Properties and Assemblies
Controlling Note Areas
BOMs and File Properties
3D Views
Exploded Views and Balloons
Multi-Cut Section Views
Alternate Workflow
Hide and Show Dimensions
Overall Rounded Features
3D View Capture Details
Preparing for Custom Templates
Custom PDF Templates Overview
Custom Templates from Scratch
Organizing Page Layout
Static Text and Property Fields
MBD Property Fields
Dynamic Notes
Images and Logos
PDF Cover Pages
Exploded View Page Design
Independent Viewports and BOMs
Publish to 3D PDF
Setting 3D PDF Fields
Aligning Property Fields and Text
Thumbnails and Independent Views
Using Acrobat Reader