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SOLIDWORKS® 2014: All-in-One Bundle

Permanent license installs on your computer

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"Excellent Course. Here in Mexico, there are not good school who explain clearly the sheet metal development using SW. I just want to extern that I'm so satisfied to get this course who had help me to develop new products. I had the opportunity to meet TEDCF P. company in the BOOT AREA of SW WORLD 2014 in San Diego, they explained to me all their products and they convinced me to try this course. CONGRATULATIONS."
Luis Cruz Velazquez
Mechanical Engineer, Carretera Constitucion

English is a second langue for many of our customers. Muchas Gracias Luis. Thank you for your comments about our SolidWorks courses.

Customer feedback has helped us perfect our courses. At the end of each course we ask our customers to write a review. It’s completely voluntary. Here is what they wrote.

SOLIDWORKS® 2014: All-in-One Bundle
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Permanent license installs on your computer

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Get the SOLIDWORKS Skills You Need!

How do we know which skills YOU NEED? We’ve been teaching users how to effectively use SolidWorks since version 2009. Before that our engineers studied SolidWorks for two years to determine the best workflows and practices that assure your models and assemblies are structurally sound.

Structurally sound models and assemblies are what every SolidWorks user needs. If you don’t take control over them they are valueless to you. So it’s critical to understand what makes models and assemblies structurally sound and how to make them that way.

When you take our courses for SolidWorks you will learn common bad practice as well as best practice. It’s helpful to understand why you need to perform a task in a specific way. So we show you the benefits of one method over another. This gives you a stronger understanding of your choices of workflows. Some workflows are better in one scenario when other workflows are better in a different case. So you need to be aware of your options.

Our courses do just that. You will understand your options and you will have the skills you need to succeed.

SOLIDWORKS Training Beyond the Commands!

So how do we take you beyond the commands? We assure that you are prepared for each lesson. That is, we teach you everything you need to know in one lesson so that you can understand the concepts in the next lesson. So each lesson progressively builds your skills.

You’ll find training on the market that has models and assemblies already setup. So it looks like you’ve really accomplished something when you finish their course. When this happens you have to try to figure out how they made the assembly in the first place, and this can be very frustrating.

We start your training from the basics up. So once you’ve gained enough skills to build such an assembly and have practiced building one, we give you new assemblies used to teach advanced concepts. We show you how the assembly was constructed, and then we use it to teach the new concepts. So your training continuously builds on the knowledge you have.

Are you ready to go beyond the commands?

Your Instructor

David Melvin, PE, is a world renowned Autodesk Authorized Author, Autodesk University Speaker, and expert in the field of 3D Computer Aided Design.  Using over 25 years of hands-on engineering and consulting experience, David has taught engineers, draftsmen, college professors, and students all over the world effective use of 3D CAD.

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SOLIDWORKS 2014 Training Courses

274 Video Training Lessons - 27.1 Hours - 5 Courses

Learn how to create bullet proof models. The Professional Modeling course takes you from the basics to an extremely advanced level. Each step of the way you learn sound practices used by professionals. You’ll practice using tips and tricks that streamline your work and make your models easy to edit.

Too often SolidWorks users find that they cannot edit their models. Unfortunately, they end up scrapping their model and starting over. It doesn’t need to be this way.

You can build models that can easily be edited. You just need to learn what to do, and what not to do. This course shows you how to avoid problems, and how to assure your models are professionally built.

The next course in the series is Advanced Parts and Assemblies. This course kicks your SolidWorks skills up another notch by showing you advanced ways of creating models and structured methods of controlling your assemblies. It also shows you how to create assemblies from a single part.

The structured training in this course will help you quickly and accurately develop structurally sound assemblies.

The Mechanical Drawings course is much more than a course on SolidWorks drafting. It shows you how to customize tables, drawing templates, sheet formats, and much more.

The goal of this course is to help you speed the drawing development process while you take control over every detail of your drawings. From custom colors to custom title blocks, this course shows you how it’s done.

With just a few clicks of the mouse you can create custom professional looking drawings.

The Sheet Metal Design course shows you how to take control over your sheet metal parts. You’ll learn the details about K-Factors, Bend Tables, and Bend Allowances and how they affect your models. You’ll also learn how to streamline the process of creating sheet metal models that predict the outcome of prototypes and production parts.

This course is packed with tips and tricks that will significantly improve the accuracy and speed of your work. It even comes with a K-Factor calculator that outputs the K-Factor, Bend Deduction, and setbacks.

If you’ve ever thought you’d like to learn how FEA works, this is the course to watch. It uses simple and common sense methods of leveraging the power of SolidWorks’ FEA module.

You don’t need to learn heavy mathematical procedures. If you can handle basic algebra that’s all you need.

That said, you will learn the full extent of FEA found in SolidWork Premium. You’ll know what stress risers are and how to deal with them. You’ll learn simple methods of determining if your studies are accurate, and you’ll practice using tips and trick to simplify the analysis of your parts.

This course is easier than it sounds and far more powerful than you might think.