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Theoretical Intersections in SolidWorks

By David Melvin, PE, TEDCF Publishing

From time to time you might find that you need to find the location of the theoretical intersection of lines.

This tip will show you how to add a node on the theoretical intersection of two lines in a sketch.  The node is called a Virtual Sharp.

Theoretical Intersections

Let’s say we need to find the theoretical intersection of these lines.

Hold the Control key down and select the lines.

With the lines highlighted, click the Point command.

Theoretical Intersections

This creates a Virtual Sharp at the intersection of the lines.

Theoretical Intersections

This is a Witness Virtual Sharp.

You can specify which style to use in the Document Properties.

Theoretical Intersections

Select Virtual Sharps on the left, and then select the style you want on the right. Witness is the default.

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