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SolidWorks training designed to give you a professional edge.

All courses have both Metric and English units, adjustable playback speed, supporting documentation, and certificate of completion.

Advanced Bundle
(Regular Price: $239.90)

15 hrs. of Instruction
Size: 1,052 MB

Includes First 2 Courses: Professional Modeling, and Advanced Parts & Assemblies.

Sale Price – $139.95

Sale Price – $149.95

Expert Bundle
(Regular Price: $359.85)

19 hrs. of Instruction
Size: 1,314 MB

Includes First 3 Courses: Professional Modeling, Advanced Parts & Assemblies, and Mechanical Drawings.

Sale Price – $189.95

Sale Price – $199.95

Deluxe Bundle
(Regular Price: $479.80)

23 hrs. of Instruction
Size: 1,576 MB

Includes First 4 Courses: Professional Modeling, Advanced Parts & Assemblies, Mechanical Drawings, and Sheet Metal Design

Sale Price – $239.95

Sale Price – $249.95

All-in-One Bundle
(Regular Price: $629.75)

27 hrs. of Instruction
Size: 1,840 MB

Includes All 5 Courses: Professional Modeling, Advanced Parts & Assemblies, Mechanical Drawings, Sheet Metal Design, FEA Made Simple, plus 6 months online training.

Sale Price – $289.95

Sale Price – $299.95

First Course

Professional Modeling

(Regular Price: $119.95)

7 hrs. of Instruction
Size: 508 MB

Professional Modeling says it all. This course shows you how to create professionally sound SolidWorks models. You’ll learn practical ways of working with SolidWorks.

Price – $109.95

Price – $119.95

Second Course

Advanced Parts and Assemblies 

8 hrs. of Instruction
Size: 544 MB

Learn advanced ways of creating SolidWorks 2019 models and assemblies. It’s easy to learn and powerful to use. You will discover the real use of custom configurations, using equations to create features, and advanced mates. The list is too long to mention here, but by the end of this course you will be glad you watch it.

Price – $109.95

Price – $119.95

Third Course

 Mechanical Drawings

4 hrs. of Instruction
Size: 262 MB

Make your mechanical drawings come alive. One of the most important tasks is to setup your drawing templates to streamline your work. You will learn how to do this plus so much more. You’ll create custom layers, title blocks, and borders to give your drawings a professional look.

Price – $109.95

Price – $119.95

Fourth Course

Sheet Metal Design

4 hrs. of Instruction
Size: 262 MB

Master sheet metal modeling while you learn to excel in design. You will experience the professional way of creating fully functional assemblies. You will produce structurally sound sheet metal models. Learn best practices, and find the secret to getting the job done in the shortest time possible.

Price – $109.95

Price – $119.95

Fifth Course

FEA Made Simple

4 hrs. of Instruction
Size: 264 MB

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is easier to learn than you might think. You don’t need to know how mathematical matrices work. You just need to know how to use the SolidWorks FEA module. We show you how to do this with confidence in the results.

Price – $139.95

Price – $149.95

SolidWorks Course Features:

  • Step-by-Step Audio/Video Format
  • Metric & English
  • Fully-Indexed with Search Engine
  • Adjustable Playback Speed
  • New, Enhanced Lesson Player
  • HotKeys
  • Part Files Included
  • Certificate of Completion

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