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Quickly Change Views in SolidWorks 2013

by John Koop, Inventor Specialist, TEDCF Publishing

This is a quick tip on how to quickly change views in SolidWorks 2013.

While in part or assembly mode, you can quickly change the view orientation by simply holding the Ctrl key down and pressing the number keys 1-7 on your keyboard. Each number represents a different view

Ctrl + 1 = Front View

Ctrl + 2 = Back View

Ctrl + 3 = Left View

Ctrl + 4 = Right View

Ctrl + 5 = Top View

Ctrl + 6 = Bottom View

Ctrl + 7 = Isometric View

The last icon is the Link Views option.

Using these simple key commands make toggling through the various views much easier.

You can also improve your productivity with SolidWorks by watching our courses.

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