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Using Link to Thickness in SolidWorks

by John Koop, SolidWorks Specialist, TEDCF Publishing

This is a quick tip that shows you how to use the Link to Thickness option outside the Sheet Metal environment.

Here is a basic part that has been highlighted to show the part dimensions.

Using Link to Thickness

The first step is to designate which dimension is the thickness.  In this case it’s going to be the .75-inch dimension.  Right click the dimension and select Link Values from the drop down menu.

Using Link to Thickness

Enter the name Thickness in the value cell and click Ok.

Using Link to Thickness

You will notice that the Thickness dimension now has an Equation sign in front of it.

Using Link to Thickness

Now the Link to Thickness option will be available in any Extrusion you create or edit.

Using Link to Thickness

All you have to do is check Link to thickness to link the dimension to the Thickness variable.

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