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Finding Parts in Assemblies in SolidWorks

by John Koop, SolidWorks Specialist, TEDCF Publishing

When you’re working with large assemblies, it can be tough to find certain parts. This is a quick tip that will help you navigate your assembly and find those illusive parts.

As you can see here, I have an assembly of a Weight Machine.

Finding Parts in Assemblies

In the Feature Manager, there is a long list of many parts and folders.

Finding Parts in Assemblies

Let’s say I need to change the size of this Rubber Stop, but I can’t find it in the Feature Manager.

Finding Parts in Assemblies

If I click any surface on the stop, SolidWorks will find it in the Feature Manager and highlight it for me.

Finding Parts in Assemblies

This is called Dynamic Highlight. If this doesn’t work on your computer…

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