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TEDCF Ships New Inventor 9 Sheet Metal Course

Porterville, CA, January 14, 2005 – TEDCF Publishing, a leading Authorized Autodesk Publisher of interactive courses for Autodesk Inventor, today announced the availability of Autodesk Inventor 9 Accelerated Productivity: Sheet Metal Design, the fourth in a series of courses for Autodesk Inventor 9.

Sheet Metal Design offers the most effective way to learn how to use all the commands associated with creating and documenting sheet metal parts. Equivalent to a three day training seminar, Sheet Metal Design uses a learn-by-seeing and practicing approach of teaching that significantly reduces the learning curve. Users instantly know how to perform each task because they see them being performed by the instructor while he explains how it’s done.

The course progressively builds from basic concepts to advance concepts while showing the details of every command. Step-by-Step instruction demonstrates how to customize sheet metal styles and templates, how to use K-Factors, and how to customize Bend Tables. The course even comes with a K-Factor Calculator. Advanced concepts like creating custom punches, working with multiple plates in assemblies, and unfolding complex patterns becomes simple while users watch how to perform these tasks.

Sheet Metal Design completes a set off our courses that starts from the basics and quickly moves to advanced concepts. The first course, Single Part Solid Modeling, shows detailed descriptions and examples of how to use all the commands associated with creating single part solid models. Assemblies and Advanced Concepts takes the training to a new level by showing how to work with all the commands associated with the assembly environment. Users learn how to create advanced parts like iParts, Derived Parts, Adaptive Parts and Adaptive Assemblies, and iFeatures. The course also includes detailed descriptions of how to animate assemblies and create presentations. 2D Drafting and Customization adds to the four course set by providing detailed instruction on how to customize styles, how to customize all the components in the 2D Drafting environment, how to use all the commands in the 2D Drawing environment, and how to customize Inventor’s user interface.

The lesson player, shown above at half scale, runs on any PC with a CD Drive, sound card, and speakers. Attributes of the lesson player include:

  • Automatic Course Layout – Simply click the Next button to go to the next lesson in the course.
  • Automatic Book Marking – The course automatically opens on the last viewed lesson.
  • Automatic Study History Logging – To review lessons, select a lesson from the list.
  • Quickly Find Lessons – Simply select a lesson from the Lesson List.
  • Fully Indexed – Enter a keyword phrase, and play a lesson about the keyword phrase.
  • Slider Control – Allows users to drag the slider to position the lesson at any point in a lesson.
  • Time Displays – Total time and current position of each lesson is displayed.

More information about the courses available from TEDCF Publishing.

About the Author
David Melvin, PE is a licensed Mechanical Engineer with over 23 years of experience in research and development for major companies. He founded The Engineering Department Consulting Firm in 1998 and soon discovered that he needed an easier and faster way to train his draftsmen and engineers to use Autodesk Inventor. This need led him to begin making video based training courses. He found that this method of teaching was so effective that he founded TEDCF Publishing in 2000. Now his courses are used by thousands of professionals, students, and teachers all over the world.

About TEDCF Publishing
Founded in 2000, TEDCF Publishing is a division of The Engineering Department Consulting Firm. The company attained recognition as an Autodesk Authorized Publisher & Developer within the first year of business. The company provides training courses on CD for Inventor 6 through 2011, SolidWorks 2009-2011, and Microsoft Excel.

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