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TEDCF Offers Certificate of Completion with 3D-CAD Courses

Springville, CA, May 24, 2011 – TEDCF Publishing, a leading Autodesk Authorized Publisher and member of the Autodesk Developer Network, today announced that their Autodesk Inventor 2012 software training courses now include a Certificate of Completion. The certificates include the number of hours per course for those who need proof of training.

“Training serves two purposes,” said Laura Graham, Marketing Editor with TEDCF Publishing. “The first is to teach people to use Inventor on a professional level and the second is to help them reach their state or on-the-job certification goals. Now that we have a Certificate of Completion our customers can offer proof of training and our Inventor 2012 courses meet both training purposes.”

TEDCF Publishing currently offers 6 courses for the Autodesk Inventor 2012 software. Each provides a Certificate of Completion and a substantial amount of training:

  • Solid Modeling – over 8.5 hours
  • Assemblies & Advanced Concepts – over 9.5 hours
  • 2D Drafting & Customization – over 5.5 hours
  • Sheet Metal Design – over 7.5 hours
  • Tube & Pipe Routed Systems – over 5 hours
  • Inventor Studio – over 3.5 hours

Altogether, the courses provide over 40 hours of training.

To obtain a Certificate of Completion, the user will submit a review at the end of a course stating how the course helped them. They will then receive a certificate via e-mail in the form of a .PDF document which will include their full name, the course name, the number of training hours, and other information.

A Certificate of Completion for TEDCF Publishing’s SolidWorks courses is expected later this year.

This news comes after the announcement by TEDCF Publishing of a number of other enhancements to their training courses available by download or on DVD. These enhancements include lessons on iLogic, Fusion, and the Dynamic Interfaces as well as upgrades to their lesson player such as a hideable control panel, adjustable screen size, and adjustable playback speed.

Learn more about the Autodesk Inventor 2012 Certified training courses.

About the Author
David Melvin, PE is a licensed Mechanical Engineer with over 25 years of experience in research and development for major companies. He founded The Engineering Department Consulting Firm in 1998 and soon discovered that he needed an easier and faster way to train his draftsmen and engineers to use Autodesk Inventor software. This need led to TEDCF Publishing’s video-based training courses in 2000. Now these courses are used by thousands of professionals, students, and teachers all over the world.

These are some of the features of the course.

About TEDCF Publishing
Founded in 2000, TEDCF Publishing is a division of The Engineering Department Consulting Firm. The company attained recognition as an Autodesk Authorized Publisher & Developer within the first year of business. The company provides training courses on CD for Autodesk Inventor 6 through 2010, SolidWorks 2009-2011, and Microsoft Excel. Courses for Autodesk Inventor 2011-2012 are available via download or on DVD.

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