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TEDCF Offers New Autodesk Inventor 2008 Online Course

Porterville, CA, October 29, 2007- TEDCF Publishing, an Authorized Autodesk Publisher of interactive courses for Autodesk Inventor, today announced the availability of Autodesk Inventor 2008 Online, an interactive online training course for Autodesk Inventor 2008.

Autodesk Inventor 2008 Online is downloadable with a free trial period from TEDCF Publishing’s website. It’s designed to quickly build professional skills with over 31 hours of Step-by-Step instruction presented in 228 fully animated movies. The course is structured so that each lesson builds on skills learned from previous lessons showing the basics through advanced concepts. All the commands in the Part, Assembly, Drafting, Presentation, Sheet Metal, Inventor Studio, Design Accelerator, and Frame Generator environments are covered in detail. The course also shows countless tips and techniques that are designed to enhance the users productivity.

Autodesk Inventor 2008 Online begins by showing all the lessons from TEDCF Publishing’s Solid Modeling course. Solid Modeling is an Autodesk Inventor 2008 certified course covering all the commands associated with solid modeling. It also provides helpful tips and tricks to help streamline the process of creating solid models and assure that your models are editable. Beginner and Advanced users will benefit from this portion of the online course because it provides foundation concepts for advanced operations and procedures discussed later in the course.

The next section of the online course shows the lessons from TEDCF Publishing’s Assemblies and Advanced Concepts. This Autodesk Inventor 2008 Certified course deals with advanced concepts like iParts, iFeatures, and iAssemblies. Users learn how to work with assembly constraints of all types, work with flexible and mirrored assemblies, learn how to make adaptive parts and assemblies, learn how to use the Design Accelerator, and many more advanced concepts. This portion of the online course is loaded with tips and tricks that go beyond the commands to show how to productively use Inventor.

When you finish the lessons from Assemblies and Advanced Concepts you’ll watch the lessons from 2D Drafting and Customization. All the commands associated with 2D drawings are covered in detail, as well as customized drawing templates, styles, and interfacing with AutoCAD. You’ll also learn how to customize the Inventor User Interface and create custom shortcut keys.

Finally, you’ll watch all the lessons from Sheet Metal Design. This course shows tricks and techniques that can apply to standard parts and assemblies as well as sheet metal parts. It covers all the sheet metal commands, explains how to fold and unfold simple and complex parts, and you’ll learn critical techniques you’ll need to create custom punches. The use of K-Factors and Bend Tables is covered in detail, and it also covers the use of the Frame Generator. You’ll learn how to construct and customize frames, learn how to weld them together, and learn how to attach sheet metal parts to them.

“We’ve literally been swamped with requests to make our courses available online,” said David Melvin, Author of the course. “People need training, and they want it yesterday. Now they can have over 31 hours of instruction at their fingertips within 5 minutes of visiting our website.”

TEDCF’s customers are amply satisfied with the power of these courses, as indicated from a marketing study conducted by TEDCF Publishing. While their courses significantly help new Inventor users quickly get up to speed, the study shows that users already familiar with Inventor experience as much as a 40% increase in productivity.

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About the Author
David Melvin, PE is a licensed Mechanical Engineer with over 23 years of experience in research and development for major companies. He founded The Engineering Department Consulting Firm in 1998 and soon discovered that he needed an easier and faster way to train his draftsmen and engineers to use Autodesk Inventor. This need led him to begin making video based training courses. He found that this method of teaching was so effective that he founded TEDCF Publishing in 2000. Now his courses are used by thousands of professionals, students, and teachers all over the world.

About TEDCF Publishing
Founded in 2000, TEDCF Publishing is a division of The Engineering Department Consulting Firm. The company attained recognition as an Autodesk Authorized Publisher & Developer within the first year of business. The company provides training courses on CD for Inventor 6 through 2011, SolidWorks 2009-2011, and Microsoft Excel.

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