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Tricks with Autodesk Inventor Split Command

By David Melvin, PE, TEDCF Publishing

In this tip I’ll show you how to use the Split command in the Sketch tab of the ribbon, and you’ll learn a few helpful ways the command can be used.

The Split command will split a sketch entity where another entity crosses it.

Split Command

For example this circle can be split where the line crosses it.  So the circle will be two concentric arcs when it’s split.

To do this, click the Split command in the Modify panel, and place your pointer over the circle. An X will appear on the intersection(s).  Click your left mouse button, and the circle is split.

Split Command

The Split command also does something you might not expect.  It adds coincident constraints to the ends of the new arcs and the line.  The arcs are concentric, so the net result is the sketch requires the same number of dimensions to fully constrain it as it did before the split operation.

Now for the tricks
Sense the line is coincident with the arcs you can…

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