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Scaling Sketch Geometry with Autodesk Inventor

By David Melvin, PE, TEDCF Publishing

The next step is to select the Base Point. This is the point that will not change its position after the scale operation. Usually it’s the ground point on your geometry, which in this case is the point on the origin.

Scaling Sketch Geometry

Here’s where your knowledge of the constraints on your geometry will come in handy. When you select the Base Point a prompt will appear explaining that your geometry is constrained to other geometry, and it asks if you would like the constraints removed. In this case the constraint the prompt is talking about is the Fixed constraint on the origin. Any constraint that constrains the selected geometry to non-selected geometry is in jeopardy of being removed, and since the Fixed constraint constrains the node to the sketch itself, it can be removed.

Scaling Sketch Geometry

All you have to do is click Yes, but I recommend that you click No. If you use sound drafting practices you’ve drawn the geometry based on fixed geometry, and you’ve used the fixed geometry as the Base Point. This point will not move during the operation, so there is no need to remove the constraint.

If you click Yes the geometry constraining the selected geometry to the non-selected geometry will be removed.

Scaling Sketch Geometry

Now all you need to do is enter the scale factor and then click Apply.
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