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General Support

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TEDCF Publishing offers a full range of customer and technical support. You can Ask a Question regarding our courses, and customers who own registered copies of our courses can ask Inventor related or software related questions. Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page before asking a question.

Current Support Issues:

Autodesk Inventor Training Add-In does not load. - 3/15/2018
If you are unable to use the add-in shortcut in Autodesk Inventor to load your training, please click link or image to download
and install HotFix-1.

The shortcut is located on the TEDCF tab at the top of your Autodesk Inventor application.
This tab is accessible from the home screen when you load Autodesk Inventor.

Once you've installed the hotfix you will be able to load our training from the shortcut as intended.

Autodesk Inventor 2016 Training becomes slow and unresponsive:
If you purchased before 08/12/2015: Your Lesson Player can become slow to load after extensive use. If this is happening on your computer, you can download a patch to solve the problem. Click here to download and install the patch.

No Audio:
If you are unable to hear the courses and you have Windows Media Player 9 or higher installed, please download and install the
All-In-One Codec from the following link.
Download All-In-One Codec.

Poor Graphic Quality:
If you are experiencing poor graphic or lesson player quality, please make sure that you are using Windows Media Player 9 or higher.
If you are not, please update.

Black Screen: (you can hear audio but have no video)
In some rare cases Windows Media Player settings can be changed so that it cannot play wmv video files. The screen is black, but you can hear the audio. If you are experiencing this problem, please read the article from the following link. It will solve the problem.

Older Support Issues:
Inventor 2015 training courses purchased before 12/03/2014: If you have installed the course from the USB drive and cannot access lessons beyond the first 34 lessons of the 2D Drafting and Customization course, please follow these steps.

1. Put the USB drive into a USB port on your computer.
2. When the AutoPlay dialog box appears, select Open Folder to view files.
3. Right click the TEDCF drive and select Properties.
4. Click the Tools tab.
5. Click Check Now (The top button on the dialog box).
6. With “Automatically fix file errors” checked, click Start.
7. Close all the dialog boxes.
8. Download and run the following file.
9. Browse to the Data folder on the USB drive. The path is TEDCF \Support\Data. Highlight the Data folder and then click OK.
10. Click Install. This will install the patched files onto your computer.
11. Open the Inventor 2015 Training Course.
12. The patched files and all the lessons will automatically install onto your computer.

This will completely repair the USB drive and install all the lessons onto your computer.

Free Inventor 2013 Lesson Player Upgrade:
On 1/1/2013 we launched a new Lesson Player for our Inventor 2013 courses. If you purchased the course before 1/1/2013 you can upgrade to the new Lesson Player for free. Please click here.

Inventor 2013 training courses purchased before 12/31/2012 will show a video explaining that the lesson is scheduled to download after clicking the Reset button or reinstalling the course.

To solve this problem, click the Support button, and then click the Download Manager Help button. This will open the Download Manager, which will automatically download and solve the problem.

When the Download Manager is finished it will say 'Download Complete', and ask you to close it. Close the Download Manager, and then click the Reset button.

We rarely have issues with our courses, but it happens. These are our support issues dating back to 2007.

Solid Modeling 2011:
If the IGES files are not on the CD you can download them here.

Assemblies and Advanced Concepts 2011:
If the Assembly Viewing files are not on the CD you can download them here.

Assemblies and Advanced Concepts 2010:
The Assembly Viewing files are missing. If the Assembly Viewing files are not on the CD you can download them here.

Assemblies and Advanced Concepts 2008:
The Cam Assembly folder is missing. If the Cam Assembly folder is not on the CD you can download it here.
Cam Assembly.exe is a self Extracting executable file.  Run the file to extract the folder.