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Autodesk Inventor 2017 - 2018
Sheet Metal Design

Sheet metal couldn't be easier to learn. You'll pick up tips and tricks that advanced professionals use on a daily basis.

Even if you don't design sheet metal parts this course shows you tricks and techniques that apply to standard parts and assemblies. So it's a must see for everyone.

Need to learn how to fold and unfold your parts successfully? This course has you covered. You'll learn how to make your sheet metal models bulletproof. With proper technique, they'll fold and unfold every time.

You'll learn all the sheet metal commands. You'll master setting up sheet metal rules to streamline your work, and you'll have a clear understanding of how bend tables, K-Factors, and Bend Allowances are applied to your sheet metal parts.

Need to learn how to use the Frame Generator and how to work in the Weldment Environment? This course has you covered here as well. It covers all this and much more.

86 Lessons
9.4 Hours (563 Minutes)
662 MB

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Inventor 2017 - 2018: Sheet Metal Design Lessons
The Sheet Metal Environment
Styles and Templates
Creating Bend Tables
The Flange Command
Bend Reliefs and Remnants
Bend and Sheet Metal Styles
Unfold Methods
Corner Seams
Corner Seam Reliefs
Bend Transitions and Flat Patterns
Custom Sheet Metal Templates
The Contour Flange Command
Looped Contour Flanges
Shells and Ripped Seams
Editing Flat Patterns
Using the Hem Command
Multiple Plates in Assemblies I
Multiple Plates in Assemblies II
Extended Surfaces
Using the Punch Tool
Custom Punches
Flat Pattern Punch Representations
Custom Extruded Louver Punch
Dangling Geometry in Punches
Custom Extruded Dimple Punch I
Custom Extruded Dimple Punch II
Custom Revolved Dimple Punch
Sheet Metal Commands and Punches
Adjusting for Bend Allowances
Double Bends
Applying Bend Allowances
Changing Knockout Size
Define A Side Strategies
Modifying Flat Pattern Orientation
Flat Patterns on Drawings
Custom Sweep Punches
Complex Shapes
Sheet Metal Cone
Contour Roll Unrolling Unfolding
Press Break Lofted Flanges
Square to Round Transitions
Adding Flanges to Lofted Flanges
Editing with Unfold and Refold
Lofted and Rolled Part Strategies
Formed Punches and Features
Cut Across Bends
Punch Across Bends
Custom Structural Shapes I
Custom Structural Shapes II
Custom Structural Shapes III
Frame Skeletons
Generating Custom Shape Frames I
Generating Custom Shape Frames II
Generating Custom Shape Frames III
Generating Custom Shape Frames IV
Trimming Members
Model Frame Skeletons
More Frame Generator Concepts
Editing Frames
Preparations and Welds
Fillet and Post Weld Operations
Multi-Body Sheet Metal Modeling
Features on Multi-Body Sheets
Multi-Body Sheet Metal Bends
More Multi-Body Practice
Multi-Body Sheet Metal Assembly
Modifying Multi-Body Components
Finalizing the Design
Convert to Sheet Metal Parts
Sheet Metal Drawings
Export Flat Pattern to DXF
Custom Exported Layers
Details of Exported DXF Files
Converting Down Bends to Up Bends
Edit Flat Pattern Definition
Bend Callouts and Tables
Bend Order
Flat Pattern Extents

Autodesk Inventor 2017 - 2018
Sheet Metal Design
Sheet Metal Design Training Course

Optimize Your

Instruction Time: 9 hr
Prerequisites: First 3 courses

662 MB

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