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We ask our customers at the end of each course to visit our Review webpage and give a review of the course.

To those of you who have submitted a review, thank you. Reviews help us improve our courses, and it's always nice to know when we've done a good job.

Frederick Albee - Mgr Production / Repair Development
I've not used 3D solid modeling other than some very basic tools and haven't dealt with drafting since high school so this was a dive into the deep end and I felt that although I had to pause and replay a few times to follow the tutorial it was rather complete and definately gave the me basic tools needed for creating solid objects in the Inventor tool.

Gary Kelly - Draftsman
One of the most detailed tutorials I've seen and been through. Great help on courses when you need it.

It just gets better and better.

Keeps you on you're best game.

I've enjoyed this one most of all, can't wait to the next one.

Lee Wutzke - Fabrication Team Lead
The course is really well done. Covered the many different ways to do solid modeling. Showed how to set up projects in the most productive way. Really sharpened my skills.

Keith Allen, Mr
This course broke the CAD modeling process into simple and easily followed steps while stressing good practices that apply to any CAD software. I learned far more from this course than my university required CAD class.

This course doesn't just teach what the commands do, but how they affect your design or assembly. Gives a great foundation for building models that can be easily modified without causing rebuild errors in an assembly.

Teaches you how to translate the solid modeling and assembly skills from the other course to drawings and how to customize inventor to your preferences. I wish they didn't assume that people taking the course were coming from AutoCAD, but it's important to know how to export to AutoCAD just the same.

Mo Bahmou - Engineering
Good class, I learned a lot and I realize the journey has only begun! up to the next courses.

Boris Volland - VP Engineering & Development
Very good tool to learn Inventor fast and effectively!

Steve Haberli - Engineering Project Coordinator
Quite a bit in setting up the environment that has to get used to.

Dan Vidimos - Programmer
Taking this course at your own pace was very helpful. You have the ability to repeat as little or as much as you want to better understand each topic

Bob Carpenter- President of CarpenterDev, LLC
There's much material in the course, and the instructor David Melvin makes it easy to learn. His voice is perfect for my learning style. Some would say it's monotone, but not entirely. It works well to keep you focused - some instructors try to instill levity and often cause distractions, at least for me.

The course speed is good. I found that most of the lessons took me about three times the lesson length if run at normal speed. I often would stop, replay and follow along in order to get it right. I felt that most of the lessons were important to me, so I made sure I could replicate the parts while working through them.

I'm coming from an AutoCAD 3D solids modeling background, so parametric modeling was conceptually difficult at first. But within the first five lessons I felt comfortable. I probably won't be productive with parametric modeling until I actually design parts of my own design, but the course content has prepared me well to tackle a design. I'm sure I will need to use the Search feature (Memory Jogger) to review lessons as needed when doing my own designs. I have used Search to see if I can find stuff that I've learned, and for the most part I could.

I can't think of anything negative about the course - it was a good learning experience.

Sunny C. Marcus-Opurum - Electrical Engineer/Card Specialist

Gary Young - Designer
I was very pleased with the course. I especially liked how I could control the speed at which it was completed.  The examples used to explain the different features were very good.

Andrew James Blackburn - Applications Engineer
This Product is Excellent Value for money, i have been using Inventor for numerous years as a student and thought i knew pretty much everything there was to know. I was so wrong!! I would Recommend these Tutorial DVD's to anyone who is serious about learning Inventor!!!!

This is by far the best Tutorial DVD around for Autodesk Inventor
Highly Recommended !!!!

Absolutely brilliant product would recommend to any body interested in learning inventor!!!

Phaedra Penton - Industrial Drafter
Excellent course. Helps me to fully understand all the different icons in Inventor

Steven Ermer - Draftsman
More thorough than the 2 day seminars offered by the company that sold me the software. It is great to be able to see it in video format (in action) as opposed to having to make sense of the help files. Good job! Can't wait to start on the next section. It is also great to have a reference that I can go back to when I get stuck.

RenÚ Holleman - Controller
Excellent tutorial. Took me some time to go through it but the practicallity of it is great. All I needed to make my work efficient and correct.


Jason Harris - Mechanical Designer
The infomation provided in this course is extremely through in covering the steps and process in creating solid models. My only complaint about this course is that the volume level from topic to topic changes and I have to adjust my speakers each time.

I am now finished with the second module of the Inventor 2014 Ultimate Bundle and I am as impressed with this module as I was with the first. Interesting and powerful concepts explained in an easy to understand and follow format. Looking forward to the next module.

As I work my way through the Ultimate Bundle, I continue to be amazed at the methods presented in this course. I have several years of Inventor experience, but this course is teaching me how to get the most out of the software.

Module 4 of the Inventor 2014 Ultimate Bundle was extremely informative. I do not have much sheet metal modeling experience, but have worked in the sheet metal industry for several years. I wish I knew then what I know now. The Sheet Metal Design course alone is worth the price of the entire Ultimate Bundle. Thank you TEDCF.

Darryl Sharp - President of Geodetic Services Inc.
The course workflow is well thought out for beginners like my myself. Easy to navigate and stop when extra time is needed to finish lessons.

Kyle Willson - CAD Drafting/Design (Fasteners)
Before using 2014 Autodesk Inventor my solid modeling skills were not the best.  Thanks to TEDCF and David Melvin I feel more comfortable using Inventor solid Modeling. The course is designed so you learn at your own pace to get a better understanding of the commands. You can always refer back to the sections of the course if you have questions. Found this to be most HELPFUL. The knowledge and clarity of the lessons were beneficial.  I strongly agree if someone is looking to learn Inventor this is a great start. I’m looking forward to continuing more courses Thank you, David and TEDCF for your support.

The training sessions are great. I'm learning at my own pace thank you!

John Bury
Top Notch Course.
As a novice to Inventor 2008, I find one learns Parametric CAD faster from a narrated video than from a reading a book or a power point slide.
I like how you integrate subtle modeling productivity tricks into real world modeling examples throughout the entire course, rather than introducing them concentrated in fewer lessons. One remembers them better that way.
I appreciate the insights on troubleshooting approaches you introduce; those are rarely covered on book courses.

Same applies for your 3D Parametric design approach insights: coming from previous 2D 3D "Static" CAD programs, one needs to approach jobs differently, with a more defined design and  organization strategy prior to starting. This forces us to think more like designers/engineers/machinists rather than drafters.

Monica Meyers - Industrial Designer/ Engineer
Inventor Training is a great key to learning with things the book does not go into detail about.

This Lesson was great on Assemblies.

Earl Grubbs - CAD Designer
This is an excellent and comprehensive course for both a sheet metal newcomer and veteran as well.

Kani N. Ali - Drafting and Design Specialist
It was such a good program. When my company first asked me to complete this course, I thought "I already learned Inventor in school...this is pointless" but I was so far off. I learned things that I didn't even know were possible. Thank you.

Matthew Hollis - Product Designer
This is a great course, really well thought through and simple to follow. It has taught me lots and has done so quickly and efficiently.

Lawrence Chong Xun Quek - Process Engineer
Clear and easy to understand

Richard Williams - SolidWorks User and Teacher
I have reviewed many video tutorials and I truly believe in what I am about to say here.  TEDCF Publishing is right on target as to having the very best in class for self teaching the SolidWorks program.  Well done.

Tunde Ogunnubi-Johnson - Engr Dr
Excellent tutorials. The way you treat each button on the ribbon gives me more understanding of how to use inventor and how inventor works. Your hands-on lessons are done in simple and easy to understand steps.

Haridra Fernando - Draftsperson
I just finished revising your product. It is fantastic.

Dal Goodman - Nil
Thank you. Now I realize that I was really only fooling around with Inventor 2013 until I used your tutorials.

Your clear, well-written tutorials have taught me how to use Inventor properly and get full value from it. Each lesson builds on previous lessons and introduces the concepts in a clear and logical manner. I can pause and redo sections until I have the concepts clear in my mind. This is far and away the best training for Autodesk Inventor I have seen.

I´m very happy whit the course.
In the last two lessons there were some problems. I couldn´t complete the exercise for the IGS2 lesson. There were error on the second loft.
Also in the last lesson opening fusion was tricky. I already report to Autodesk.
Thank you for your interest.
Many regards.
Palma de Mallorca

The Make components command still doesn´t automatically convert the blocs into an assembly file.
 Maybe is because I work with too folders?  One is the Accelerates Productivity and the other is call Luis. On this folder I work my own practice designs so there not mixt with the course.
Many thanks for all the help and advice.

Vance Murphy - Mechanical Designer
Excellent program

David W. McPherson - Drafter
The course was very informative, and very helpful in some ways, yet not very helpful in others.
    The explanations for certain features was very limited for some one that has never used the software before.
    The IGES Files that were supposed to be with the training tutorials were not available to copy into the work environment. this could have been due to a download issue on our end, and will be looked into by the IT department.
    More information on the "BEND PART" Command and the bending of parts would be very helpful.
    Would like to see more information on the setting of paramaters, the setting up of the bill of materials, and on the use of it in the drawing environment.

    The lesson on Bowties was very helpful, but is a little confusing when watching the demonstration, could it be made more clearer by the presentor.

Asad Rasheed - Mechanical Engineer
My name is Asad Rasheed and i am a Mechanical engineer. I was looking for training tutorial for Autodesk Inventor and then I came across TEDCF. I checked the demo version and find it very helpful. I practice all the lessons at my pace which was very useful and the lessons covered all the aspects of solid modelling. I highly recommend this course to students and professionals.

Filip Kri×man - Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Managment
Nice and clear presentation, easy to understand and easy to follow. I really recommend to anyone.

Congratulations for good explanation and representation lessons.

Jamey Cook - Project Engineer
My last company used Solid Works and I needed to learn how to transition to Inventor.  The Tutorials in this course are very clear and easily understood.  Allowing me to work along with the tutroial was great.  It got me up to speed quickly

This course was very in depth and informative.  The ease of stopping the video and replaying it until I caught on worked great.

Allen R Taylor - Shop Foreman
Found none that have assisted me more

George Karampampas - Mechanical engineer Msc
A very educative introduction to solid modeling, covering all the commands on the ribbon as well as revealing some fundamental rules to be followed and some nifty tricks.
A very well done video series,congrats.

Moving on to Assemblies and advanced concepts now!

Huigardt Greeff, Mr
I have found the audio/video instructions extremely informative, helpfull and well presented. Thank you so much!!

John Aspinwall - Chief Engineer
I have been using AutoCad for many years and needed to learn Inventor for work related projects. This course helped me get up to speed quickly. I really like being able to pause and go back until I understand the lesson in its fullness. It's learning at your own pace and very visual, which makes this learning process very similar to a classroom experience but without the travel and expense. How-to books are great but this is hands on and for me that's the way to go.

Jim Jerrell - Owner of Big Jim Enterprises
I did them all, with the exception of the last IGES lesson on the Bearing Housing, with which I had a lot of problems. I submitted a report on them, and I'm sure they are self inflicted, by selecting the wrong options on opening the file, but I could not get it to go into fusion. I think the lessons are very well presented, and I gained a lot.

Daniel J Horowitz - Engineer
I have learned a tremendous amount in a very short period of time. This product is simply the best Autodesk Inventor training tool there is! Highly recommended!

Richard J Romanek Jr - Director of Engineering
Repeating the Lessons Really Helps

Peter Sloane - Dr.
I am a mentor for US FIRST Robotics Team 1719 and am working with several other mentors to teach our students to the fundamentals of CAD and how to optimize design utilizing Inventor 2013.  Prior to taking the course, I had only some basic exposure to other CAD programs but had never taken the deep-dive.  I have now completed the Solid Modeling course and plan to work through the assembly modules next.  I found the learning curve to be relatively gentle and could not believe how quickly my proficiency in CAD progressed. Our CAD subteam students are about half way through the solid modeling course and will also proceed to the assembly course next.  The Solid Modelling Course is an expertly presented, authoritative course.  These courses have been extremely well received by our students. The short video tutorials are easy to follow and access to sample CAD sketches and parts is appreciated. We plan to have our students complete the solid modeling and assembly modules by the beginning of nest year's January build season and expect to have the tools in place to expand our use of CAD in the FIRST 2013 build season.  Overall, I would highly recommend Solid Modelling and Assembly courses to anyone with beginner to intermediate skill levels in Inventor.  Well Done TEDCF!

Tony Birch - MD
Excellent course,well structured and well presented, it's really helped me get to grips with Inventor.  If I had to look for an improvement it would be the inclusion of written material that I could print off and use for quick reference.

Many thanks

Mark Neilson
Just complete all Modules of the Inventor 2013 Ultimate Bundle! The entire series is well done and the best part is that is gives real world methods of achieving goals!! The most intreging lessons were those pertaining the iLogics!!

Bradley Schmitz - Mechanical Engineer
The Autodesk Inventor Course provided by TEDCF Publishing gave me a vast knowledge of the program.  I've went from not knowing anything about Inventor to being able to design somewhat complex material.

Assemblies and Advanced Concepts Review
This course like the Solid Modeling furthered my knowledge in Inventor.  I knew a little about assembly before this course, but the course gave me a full understanding of the capabilities of inventor. Love the training.

Kim Jensen - Direktor
This is the most perfect course i have ever seen, it really goes in to the depth of the program, and autodesk really have something to learn about teaching there costumors like you do.
However during the course i use a lot of time stopping the videos because that i need to write down alle the messurements because they are in inch and not mm, and i find that a bit stupid when i really need to fokus on the course and not the messurements. (This is a note from TEDCF Publishing: This is a review for our Inventor 2011 course. Our Inventor 2012 and beyond courses show both Metric and English units.) Also maby in time you could make the course in other langueges, that would really help. I learned autocad the same way back in 2004, started on Friday with no knollage at all on how to use the program and on Monday i started my new job as an constructor. I watch the video, printed his drawing and did it my self after, and so on. More ore less like this.
I talked to Autodesk in Denmark, they called me up after i downloaded the free trail on there website, i asked them how i would learn the program when the skech part is so differant from autocad and they told me to take a course of 3 days at Invent in denmark, i have tried that and it gave me nothing and i cost 1500 USD. So i told them about your course and they have never heard about it, wired.

Anyway good job, really good job!!!


Nicholas Greiner - Software Engineer
TEDCF's 2013 Solid Modeling course took a complex piece of software (i.e. Inventor) and broke it down into easily understandable components.  Before I picked up this tutorial I was hesitant about the amount of time it would take to master Inventor, but after completing the first section of TEDCF's course, I'm confident I can get what I need out of the software.  I've looked around and I'm sure this is the best tutorial out there for Inventor.

Istvan Juhasz - CAD Engineer/piping designer
This is a very good training course, not slow, not fast, easy to follow up.

Corbett OConnor - President
I made extremely fast progress. Very complete course, well worth my time & effort and a smart investment.


Zvonko Grkavac - Design Engineer
All the lesson are in depth and good clear understandable voice.
Program which run all lesion are not user friendly.

Brian C. Borgh - Senior Designer
Great course. Best I have found for self teaching. Especially appreciate the "Best Practices" references with the reason behind it.

Excellant course. I have recommended it to several of my friends. Lookingg forward to the rest of them.

Larren Smoot - Engineering Manager
Well done- Thanks!

Christine Watchon - Electrical Engineering Graduate
It is a very good video. I will recommend this to all of my friends who wants to learn Inventor.

Ivan Hrvojic - President
Course is excellent for both beginners and people who have some knowledge of Inventor.

Agustin Moran - Interactive Technology and Digital Animation Engineering
Great Course. Very helpfull. Very simply to follow. Explain every detail. Awesome Course

Enrique L. - Engenier
Best of the Best. Excelent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James Wesson - Cad Guy
Easy to understand and through. Well presented.

Wayne Bosman - Architectural Technician
This is the second time I have purchased a course from TEDCF and I find the tutorials easy to understand and easy to follow and will happily recommend this course to anyone.

Keep it up.


Walter Brito - Mechanical Engineer
Autodesk Inventor Professional is a huge super powerful tool limited only by human imagination.

I am very satisfied with the training and tutoring by TEDCF

Very happy with the training course
I recommend it

Thank You TEDCF for the Professional Way to Teach this Lessons.

Aaron T. Haithcock - Project Engineer
Very Helpful

Tutorials were very thorough and useful to my application. Great Tutorials.

Mike - Engineering Manager
Excellent course...there is not much more positive to add that is not in the other reviews.
One subject not covered that I was looking for is routes that have multiple changes in size.  It is very uncommon to have a run all the same size.  Most pump connections are smaller than the piping.  We use a lot of PVC and size changes with reducing bushings.

Ashley Mclean - All Rounder
Hi, My name is Ashley, I have been involved in the fabrication side of the engineering industry, and only dabbled in the Drafting side of things, although I have watched and followed a lot of video tutorials, so I know most of them are hard to follow, for one reason or another, either, the tutorials aren't in a very good order, or they aren't detailed enough, you can't hear the narrator very well, or as on YouTube, you get to a certain point and they stop,

I can honestly say TEDCF have ticked all those boxes, I am impressed, and the way the provided tutorial player starts off at the last place you were up to each time you start it, makes it easy to pick up where you left off, well done, and thank you.

Brian - President
I'm very happy with this package.  I've learned better through this software package than I did when I hired an instructor from one of the tech schools.  The pace of the learning combined with the shorter length lessons allowed me to digest the information easily.  Great product - I highly recommend it.

Dr. Arthur C. Croft - Director
This was the second online-type Inventor training course I've taken and it was infinitely more organized than the first. When learning any software--and particularly applications as full-featured and dense as Inventor--it critical to learn the fundamental skills before wading into deeper water. In the other course I took it seemed as though I was thrown immediately into deep water and I was continually struggling to follow along. Eventually I resigned myself to using a third party book.

Then I discovered the TEDCF program and found it to be both well-paced and organized. It's a great tool that allows the user to become fairly proficient simply by watching and following the tutorial lessons.

Great job, guys.

Jerry - Mechanical Engineer
Awesome. I fully understand the basic up to advanced concept of Inventor Assemblies..

Awesome easy to follow along tutorials. A great way to learn Autodesk Inventor that does not interfere with my work or personal schedule.

Ross Groombridge - Mechanical Engineering Technologist
Thank you for the fantastic Solid Modeling Coarse that TEDCF has put together. Your learning curve reduces the time that would be spent reading or or in a class room. You can go back to a certain lesson and review it over and over until you understand the concept.
P.S. I hope you will put together a coarse on Inventor Simulation 2012.

Thank you
Ross Groombridge C.E.T.


Rick Wiggins - CAD Designer/Drafter
I'm still amazed by the quantity and quality of work and detail. The combination or sequence of lessons I might change and as much as I've learnt....  I still have questions.
Quite a bit of information. Almost requires a second viewing.
But I'm sure it will be covered.
Again....   Very well Done.

Tube and Pipe Review
Learnt more then I think I'll ever need in Tube & Pipe, but you never know.
I also thought the "phantom guide" use was interesting.
And the use of BOM was benificial for other reasons
Always very interesting and easy to follow

Anton de Wit - Engineer
Very useable information to make a professional drawing fast and good. Learnfull iLogic part to automate your drawings.

Michael Antares - Consultant
Solid Modeling Review
I found this video course to be one of the most instructive courses I have ever taken and I've taken many on-line and CD/DVD courses on many technical subjects during a couple of decades. I'm also 79 years old and really appreciate clarity and completeness when presenting a highly technical subject. I previously tried learning Inventor out of a book. Not until I took this course did I realize how little I had learned! Kudos to TEDCF!

Assemblies and Advanced Concepts Review
This is the second TEDCF Inventor 2012 course I have completed, Solid Modeling was the first. I continue to find these courses to be the best video courses I have taken and I have taken many including and purchased CD/DVD ones. I previously tried to learn Inventor from a massive book. These TEDCF courses showed me how naive I was in thinking I had learned something about Inventor from the book.

2D Drafting and Customization Review
This is the third course I have completed for Inventor 2012. Since I have used AutoCAD in the past, it was very interesting for me to compare the ease of  producing drawings using Inventor compared to AutoCAD. The presentation of material continued to be of the highest quality. At this point I feel competent to tackle some design tasks of my own.

Gary Kollander - Mechanical Designer
TEDCF your courses are great and in the future when my resourses are better I would like to also purchase the Inventor courses from you as I am now unemployed and looking for design-drafting work.

Richard Williams - Owner & Manager - College of Southern Nevada
I'm somewhat knowledgable with a few MCAD programs so learning a new one in order to teach it at our College is a little easier than having no experience what so ever.  I signed up to get the TEDCF Publishing Inventor full course and found it to be an excellent way to learn the program.  Taken in systematic and progressive steps, I have enhanced my knowledge of the Inventor program many times over already.  Having them on DVD allows me to seek solitude and silence with just my laptop so I can concentrate fully in a recliner chair away from distractions.  A really great way to learn and I have used other video tutorial providers to make a comparison.  The player is unique with adjustments for speed of playing and easy to pause and restart.  I'm thoroughly happy with my decision to go with TEDCF Publishing.

Anton de Wit - Mechnical Engineer - Netherlands
Good structured coarse. Easy to look the video's back and clear explanation of all the options in the menu's. Very much information, well structured and good to follow.

Shane E. Hawthorne - Sr. Project Engineer - Fives Bronx, Inc., Ohio
Courses were very informative.

Rob Holesko - Mechanical Designer - Nuttall Gear, New York
I learned very much.  I recommend having a "Dual-screen" setup so you can directly mimic some actions step by step.  The stop and pause feature was also helpful. 

Joshua Dragon - Project Manager - Jensen Precast, California
Great! Very easy to use and work with.  Was very pleased.

Bill Givens - Sr. Research Technician - Hollister, Inc., Libertyville, Illinois
I have been using Inventor for a number of years now, but I was self taught through trial and error.

I was very pleased with the solid modeling 2012 program.  It was very easy to follow, and showed me new ways to do things that were not intuitive to me.

David Houtz - Mechanical Engineer - Middleburg, Pennsylvania
Clear and easy to understand.

Dan Reed - Operations Supervisor - Energy Services Group, Channelview, Texas
This course was easy to follow and structured in a way that made learning the concepts easy for me. I would recommend this course to anyone trying to learn Inventor.

The course was easy to follow and understand. The previous course on part modeling was a good preparation for this assembly course. And it was nice to be able to go back and re-visit some of the previous information. I would recommend this course.

Richard F. Black - President - Cheektowaga, NY
This is the MOST COMPLETE Video Course that I have ever experienced. Everything that I have seen of all of the courses is exceptional! Why spend 40 hours in a classroom when you can learn in the comfort of your office or home?

This is what I needed from your courseware. So many others don't address the advanced areas like this. Thanks!

Thomas Pedersen - Engineer - Denmark
Great Course.. easy to follow.

Jerry V. Torion - Mr. - MEA - Maryborough, Queensland Australia
The Course was excellent and they tackle all necessary things about Assemblies. All the necessary things from basic foundation to advance was clearly explain on this course. Thank you guys!!!

Rainer T. Krüger - Handwerksmeister Formenbau - Germany
It was very helpfull. Thanks so much for the good lessens that you offered me. I learned very much!!

Victor Manuel Rioboo Fondo. - Mr. - Brevik, Telemark Norway
It is very cool tutorial. I like the idea of covering all the commands followed by simple samples easily to draw in Inventor. I have some books about how to learn inventor. However it is better to learn in this way, especially if one does not have the knowledge previously. Therefore, I can get to the point of each detail of the program.

Wong Kok Yan - Mr. - AFC Consulting Sdn Bhd - Selangor, Malaysia
This course is tremendously useful. I have more in depth knowledge of the Inventor 2012 basic commands.

Jocelyn Jackues - Draftsman - Quebec, Canada
It would be a good idea to show the text of the narrator below the screen during the lesson. It was install on the DVD of lesson 2010 and it was very handy for a person that does not master the english language.
thank you very much for the course.

Art Croft - Student - Walden University
I though the tutorials were organized and effective.

Manuel Macias - Project Engineer - Span Construction & Eng., Inc, California
I didn't know what to expect when we purchased the program. So far it has not dissapointed.

Wayne Lewis - Proj Manager - Pennsylvania
I was hoping to see a more tightly integrated transition but your coverage of what is provided is very good at getting to the details of what works and what isn't supported. I was also hoping for something similar to ODBC type connections to BM's, Parts lists, Layer details... Again this was a assumed improvement to the Inventor product on my part and your coverage of the manual extract process was weel done. Keep up the good coverage.

Martin Ginsberg - Teacher - Engineering & Construction Technology Education, Lake Worth High School, Florida
It has been some weeks now since you so generously shared TEDCF Publishing’s Inventor 2010 tutorials with my students and myself at Lake Worth High School in Lake Worth, Florida.  The results, I’m happy to report, are of complete success.  Our school / district license for the Inventor 2010 Industry Certification test was restricted to senior and junior students only, which comprise less than 30% of my students.  But each of the28 students taking the test passed it.

TEDCF Publishing tutorials are awesome and were / are a huge help.   I truly doubt this success would’ve been possible without your excellent tutorials.  I don’t know how to thank you enough! 

We soon begin the process anew, this time with Inventor 2011.  I don’t yet know what specific changes were made between the 2010 and 2011 versions, but I expect the TEDCF Publishing Inventor 2010 tutorials will remain instrumental in familiarizing and preparing us with of what is involved in the program.  I expect we’ll discover what’s changed as we go.

Lake Worth High School’s engineering technology program survived, many thanks to you.   Unfortunately it is reduced in size, due to my friend and technology-education coworker’s unexpected death, from which we are still reeling.  I will teach his construction technology classes as a result, limiting my opportunity to teach the engineering technology classes, at least for now.   Needless to say, fracturing my focus this way poses multiple additional challenges.  This, on top of the specific challenges facing my department and school, and the school district generally, paint quite a picture.  We have a new principal coming into my high school this year, though, and we are all hopeful in this change.

Thank you so very much again for your invaluable help!


Zac C - Mr. - Australia
TEDCF Inventor courses are excellent tutorials.Large amount of topics explained professionally.Highly recommended and also excellent support staff

Jim Timblin - Senior Model/Moldmaker - Hollister Inc., Illinois
This has been the most effective training that I have ever seen, and worked with. It has allowed me to start using Inventor rather quickly,. I certainly got more out of this training than I have with any other course that I have been involved with . I have recommended this training to all of my fellow workers who do CAD , and have received rave reviews from all of them . I am moving along to the next CD. Thanks

Haridra Fernando - Drafter - H. S. FERNANDO, Australia, NSW
This course is very helpful and I recomend my friends to down load the course.
I am interested in doing TEDCF Sheetmetal course but I was not allow buy directly from your website. Please advice me what I have to do.
Thank you.

Stephen J. Winn - Product Design Mgr. - The Govmark Organization Inc., New York
Thanks for all your time, help and support. Other companies could learn a few things about relations and support from you and your company.

Wayne Lewis - Proj Manager - Pennsylvania
This was a good expansion of skills. The top down design approach lessons were interesting.

David Maldonado - Project Engineer - PSC, East Chicago
Great Videos. The videos went through just about every button and command at a comfortable pace. 

William H. Altemus, Jr - Manager - B. R. Products, Virginia
Very good course. Being able to see the commands being executed the same as they appear on my screen is easy to follow.
One suggestion would be to have internet link posted along with the file to be downloaded at the beginning of each lesson.

Kate Blakley - Director of Marketing & Operations - Carousel Works, Inc. - Ohio
Our company co-owner, Art Ritchie, used the DVDs to teach himself how to use Inventor ­ he had no formal training. The use of the Inventor program has been a huge asset to our company, and we were even just selected as the Autodesk Inventor of the Month for June 2011 by Autodesk, Inc. for our unique utilization of the product and our designs.

David Maldonado - Project Engineer - Indiana
The videos went through just about every button and command at a comfortable pace.

William H. Altemus,Jr. - Manager - Virginia
Very good course. Being able to see the commands being executed the same as they appear on my screen is easy to follow.

Federico Romero - Electromechanical Engineer - Costa Rica
After completing this first course I am very pleased with the results. I had some knowledge about inventor but the things I learned with this (only solid modeling) take me to a whole new level. This course condenses a lot of the experience one would acquire after many hours of use showing you the best & quickest way to do things and how to do things in a consistent manner in order to ease editing later. It has also been very convenient because lessons are well defined and thus are short, allowing me study them whenever I have some minutes through out the day. Being able to adjust the speed of the lessons has also helped me to finish the course in a more efficient manner, taking my time in new stuff and blasting through the stuff I think I already know.

Trevor Derstine, Oregon
Thanks again we are off to the races. Kind regards

John Menoche, Rhode Island
I am using SW2010, and ordered the appropriate 2010 SW training from TEDFC. The good folks there helped me out when I wanted to get started prior to my delivery arriving. The lessons are small, digestible chucks which you can follow along with and redo until you have fully understood the procedures and recommended practices, which are a big part of the value add here. Good work again folks.

Trevor Derstine, Oregon
I am impressed the way I can get my ideas to come to life as I work through the course! Thanks for your hard work in putting this together.

Trevor Derstine, Oregon

Wayne Lewis, Pennsylvania
The material and coverage was great. The sequencing of tools and drawing builds was well done. The phone handle is a good sanity check for the student.

Jeff Swanson
I am almost finished with your Solid Modeling Course for AI 2011. I'll give it an A+ your instructor, format, and pace are perfect.

Edward Wahl, Norway
Your tutorial is of very high quality... the speaking is slow, clear and logical combined with excellently complementing screen animation... as opposed to other us courses where they speak way too fast (and too much)...

Dr. Stuart Kossover, North Carolina
I just finished the Solid Modeling 2010 Course doing a little bit everyday for the last two weeks. This was an excellent way to learn Inventor 2011. You can learn commands anywhere, but David Melvin teaches you an approach to sketching and design that will make your projects simpler, easier, and more enjoyable. Thanks to this course, Inventor has become less daunting. I am learning an approach to design that I know will develop as I progress through the remaining 3 CDs. I have read my share of books on Inventor but this series is by far the best way to learn.

Kent Durenberger - President - Mid-States Mechanical - Missouri and Minnesota
I have taken Classes on inventor and I found this DVD to be EXTREMELY helpful in learning the things I need to progress with Inventor 2011. I have purchased the Ultimate package and I can hardley wait to get started with the next DVD "This is great stuff"

Rick Davies, Massachusetts
DVD 1 Solid Modeling 2011 is a well thought through and performed video.  Having had virtually no CAD background, getting use to the termanology took a little longer to understand and get my head around in the lessons.  I believe it took me longer than most to complete the Solid Modeling CD as I would work back and forth, listening and observing then applying the instructions until I got it right.  This is an excellent course whether novice or better level of experience.  Having this reviewable material will be of significant power to developing this required skill as I jump in with both feet.

Ron Sargent, Florida
I go back to Inventor 8 (not 2008) with your training programs.  You do a good job.  Keep it up.

Marc Burcar, Quebec Canada
These tutorials are all you need to succeed! These tutorials are actually better than taking a class in school or at a training center. You can rewind and watch it over and over again. All the lessons are so well explained and thorough. The instructor for these tutorials knows the software so well. He gives great insights and tips. I've taken design software course at school and at training centers and the instructors that I had didn't know the software this well. Thank you so much!

Marc Burcar, Quebec Canada
"These tutorials are awsome. I wish I had found them months ago so that I wouldn't have had to struggle at work. Thank you! Great Job! They are so well done. This is all the training I need to be productive at work."

Richard Dreyer - Senior Design Project Engineer - AIM Design - South Carolina
This is by far the best tutorial bar none! I have attended classes run by ‘Autodesk Trained Professionals’ and they have come no where close. I have also purchased other tutorials for Solids Works, KeyCreator and ProE. Your method and ability to simplify the learning process makes me feel as if I am working within a live session. Congratulation on this achievement!

Jeffrey Swain - Massachusetts
I found this tutorial to be an incredible help from the moment I opened the first lesson.  Questions that I previously had from reading other lesson manuals were answered in detail with a basic understanding of why I would use that particular discipline.  I highly recommend this product to strengthen any knowledge you are looking for whether just starting or already have a design base.

Randy Hannan, Illinois
As usual this is the best training software I have found regarding AutoCad Inventor 2009. I have just completed the "2D Drafting and Customization 2009" lesson and found it to be the best program around.
Thanks so much for creating such imforitive CD training programs such as the AutoCad Inventor 2009 series.
I'm now ready for my next lesson in the series.
Keep up the good work.

John Menoche, P.E.- Vette Corp. - Massachusetts
I am completely satisfied with this course and my purchase, despite having only finished (1) of the (4) CDs in the course.  The style and speed of the courses are just right for me and I'm glad to for once see a training where my screen actually resembles the one shown in the video.  This is really based on 2009 and all topics are covered in the appropriate amount of detail, leaving the user to break off and investigate a particular topic further if they so choose.

Great work folks.

John Menoche, P.E. - Vette Corp. - Marlborough, MA
I purchased your Inventor 2009 Routed Systems Suite a few weeks ago and have completed about ½ of the first course, Solid Modeling (time constraints).

This is the best self-training I’ve ever used, and more so considering the cost.  I feel much more comfortable with my new copy of Routed Systems and can’t wait to dig in to some delayed projects.  I’ve found the training easy to follow while maintaining a high level of progress.  You explain something and then expect that this concept is understood for the next lesson, a welcome change from ‘repeat until submission’ trainings I’ve seen. I am looking forward to the rest of the courses and would happily recommend them for anyone new to Inventor.  My last real experience with solid modeling was in 2002 running Ideas Master Series on a shared VAX, so this is a great upgrade.

Anyhow, I am very pleased with my purchase and just wanted to let you know.

Thabet - Mechanical Engineer - New Jersey
it is very good course and I like it.

Roger Poole
I ordered an Autodesk Inventor 2008 deluxe training bundle from you back in June of this year.
Thank you for your prompt response. I find these concise audible training tutorials the optimum method of learning for myself, bite size information being easy to retain, compared to useless day long high speed training courses.
Despite my increased learning curve, my probationary period on Inventor 2008 at my new company was deemed to be unsuccessful so i am currently unable to use these tutorials in tandem with daily Inventor 2008 usage.
I am spreading the news of these training bundles to anyone interested, even the manager who sent me "down the road", and i am sure they will come in useful in the near future when i secure a new contract.

Victor Gumbs - Washington
I would just like to tell you how much I have really appreciated the Inventor Training Course...  I just got through going through the TEDCF 4 part program for the second time after a near two year hiatus from using inventor...  this second time through was an absolute breeze and pleasure to do in order to sharpen and refresh my skills with the tool, and I also picked up some subtle nuances that I think I missed the first time through...

You have done a great job and I have highly recommended your program to anyone that I have encountered over the last coupe of years who have asked me, first what program I had used to create my drawings and, secondly to counter their perception that Inventor has such a steep learning curve and telling them that TEDCF really flattened the curve and got me up and running overnight. 

In the past I had read many books on Inventor but never could figure out from the descriptions exactly how to perform a number of the described operations, and had previously resolved that if I had wanted to ever become highly proficient that I would need to enroll and take a course somewhere...  Your CBT completely changed that notion, and in fact I have found it more effective as it is almost like getting one-on-one instruction.

There is one wish that I have, and that is that I really wish that you had a course in AutoCAD as well!  I am not sure how many times that you may have seen this request, but just add mine to it!

Thanks again, I have really enjoyed the ease of becoming an expert with Inventor!

OK...  Best of luck with your new release and keep up the good work!

Silvio Hedz - Mechanical Designer - California
Very good and all I can say is Excellent tutorial

Ben Jones - Drafter - QLD, Australia
Generally very simple and easy to follow, only a couple of things didn't work for me (I couldn't get the splines phone to work properly, and the igs files weren't on the disc).  Splines one made sense though, as it only went to prove that the other approach was much more predictable (which I think was the intention anyway!).  All in all, I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who needs to speed up how they use inventor (or just has no clue how to use it). Worth every cent.

jason k.
I just wanted to write you to let you know how great the TEDCF tutorial is for Autodesk Inventor. There is so much information on the 4 discs that I have only recently completed the first one. I have to review it a little at a time - the summers is a very busy work schedule. I am still hoping to start doing drafting for mechanical pump rooms, boilers and chillers. Most of the drawings are done in 2-D, so I'm trying to select all of the material that will be most helpful to me. (Any suggestions?) I also agree with many who say that Inventor is 10 times better than autocad. (I was just a beginner in autocad.) Also, please keep me posted as to the release of your tube and pipe tutorial.

Robert Chandler - Drafter II - Oklahoma
I like the way this training takes you step by step. It is very easy to follow and very informative.

Vincent Mannuzza - Owner - Operator Industrial CAD Drafting
As stated in my last comment, I believe it would be beneficial to incorporate a Bookmark feature on the interface so a specific topic in a specific lesson can be easier to access without having to search through an entire lesson. The system that is in operation now can become monotonous at times.
The relocation of the Play, Pause button can be moved to another place on the screen to avoid clicking the Next or Back button.
 I have noticed that the procedures demonstrated do not coincide with the narration on some of the lessons. More stringent review is necessary before release.
 Some of the topics are stretched out illustrating the wrong way to perform a simple task before showing the most efficient manner in which to complete the application, this is a waste of valuable time which can be utilized to demonstrate more pertinent functions.

All in all, not bad but the Bookmark button can be a boon.

Glenn Stone - Taradale, Australia
By far the most useful form of Inventor training I have encountered - thanks TEDCF!

Vincent Mannuzza - Owner - Operator Industrial CAD Drafting
I feel that it would be very helpful if you can introduce a Bookmarks feature in the tutorial interface. By doing this, a user can mark a specific segment of a lesson as a reference without having to recall the exact lesson on the CD. I have seen this application on other tutorials and it is a tremendous time saver.

WN-Appache - CAD
Great lesson a lot of different concepts. great job!!!

Barry Weber - Mechanical Designer - California
I bought the 4 CD Accelerated Productivity suite for Inventor 2008. My peers at work thought I was wasting my money and instead opted for taking classes at the local training center. In two weeks I have already established our templates and generated a complex, parameter driven machine with all of the fabrication drawings using Inventor. Mt boss is quite pleased with my productivity and my collegues are still spending their evenings in class, barlely able to make a simple 3D model. This was the best investment I've made in years!

Richard Hamlin - RDH Design & Detail, LLC - Ohio
I have now completed the 2nd out of four training CDs and I am still impressed with the quality of this training.
   Good job writing lessons!

Laurie A. McGaw - McGaw CAD Services - California
I have learned solid (no pun intended) skills in model making. I especially appreciated the emphasis on the FIX command to ensure that the model is properly grounded and constrained. I look forward to more great instruction as I progress through the CDs. Thanks.

Rick Hendrix - Owner - Conceptual Designs LLC
My friend, an engineering manager, spent thousands on Inventor classes for his engineers. He recommended the TEDCF course on CD to me. For less cost you schedule your study, move at your own pace, and review as needed.  I highly recommend it!

Richard Hamlin - President - RDH Design & Detail, LLC - Ohio
I am very impressed with this course. It is alot easier to buy, and take this course, then to hunt & peck to refresh my memory in Inventor 11.
  Keep up the good work & I look forward to completing the other 3 CD courses I purchased.
          Thank-you again.

Robert Brasfield - Mechanical Engineer - Tennessee
My course was for Inventor 11.  I discovered the course on  while looking for a book on Inventor Drafting.
I enjoyed the course, as it is much better than a book.  I have not taken the other courses, but am eager to do so.  Many tips were covered in the drafting that I had struggled
to understand on my own.  I expect the same improvement in
my skills with the other courses.

Ludo Van Reet
Very Complete,this cd covers all the features with each option described.
Perhaps a few more practicale examples would be usefull.

tony peach - Terratec Asia Pacific
Exellent express way to come up to speed on the 2D features.

Jerry Eddis - Engineer - New Jersey
I thought it was a very informative course. This is a great way for me to get the training I need and not have to waste time driving back and forth to class. It's also nice to have the CD to use as a reference.

john marcus - CEO - PTC - California
Thought it was very worth while...much better than reading a book.

Suggestion. add a speed control to the presentation to allow faster viewing..........

Jerry Eddis - Engineer Tech - New Jersey
I thought this was a great way for me to learn. hands on is the way to go. It's great that I can or go back and review the lessons. I would highly recommend this  software for training.

James Scannell - Designer - Michigan
I compiled the TEDCF Inventor 10 solid modeling course and I am glad I have it. I thank it is the best training aid I have ever seen. I will be moving on to one of the other CD's.

Jerry Eddis - Engineer Tech - New Jersey
For me this was a great for me to learn. It's nice that I am able to stop and review my lesson. The only complaint I have is not having enough room on my screen. It's hard to
follow and do the exercise at the same time.

E.V.Garcia - Teacher - Texas
Well organized.  Easy to follow.  Leason easy to repeat or rewind when needed.

Kraig Stubleski - Manager, Engineering Services - Conforming Matrix Corp. - Ohio
Over all, great introduction.  Concise and thourough.  I would like to see a "Hot Key" for tutorial pausing so that it would not be necessary to find and click the pause button.

jerry garrett - cad draftsman - alabama
Thanks for improving the navigation tools. Makes it much easier to move around the lesson. You're doing an outstanding job, keep it up.