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SolidWorks 2010
Advanced Parts & Assemblies
(Obsolete No Longer Available)

Master advanced concepts like configurations, custom part generators, and design tables. You’ll learn effective methods of constructing assemblies, working with assembly mates, smart mates, and much more.

Need to streamline your work? This course shows you effective methods of getting the job done.  It's loaded with tips and tricks that go beyond the commands.

Advanced Parts and Assemblies has over 6 hours of instruction. Watch sample lessons from the lesson list below.

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SolidWorks 2010: Advanced Parts & Assemblies
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SolidWorks 2010: Advanced Parts & Assemblies
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Files and Folders
Custom Materials
Mastering Materials
Creating Helixes
Helical Threads
Limits to Reusing Sketches
RealView and Scene Display
Introduction to Configurations
Add Configurations
Machined Versions
Comparing Configurations
Configuration Parameters
Material Configurations
Setting Surface Materials
Updating Template Configurations
Derived Configurations
Cast Configurations
Machined Configurations
Parent Child Configurations
Derived Material Settings
Introduction to Design Tables
Design Table Parameters
Parameter Syntax
Blank Design Tables
Select and Rename Dimensions
State Design Table Parameters
Reduce Design Table Memory I
Reduce Design Table Memory II
Importing Excel Files
Introduction to Equations
Equations and Configurations
Feature Parameter Equations
Conditional Statements
Custom Assembly Templates
Introduction to Weldments
Modifying Joints and Members
End Caps and Preparations
Trim Extend Members
Exporting Bodies to Assemblies
Advanced Weld Preparations
More Multiple Body Files
Custom Libraries
Custom Profiles
Using Custom Profiles
Degrees of Freedom
Understanding Mate Errors
Mate Type Errors
Mate Strategies
Width Mate
Symmetric Mate
Linear Coupler Mate
Advanced Distance Mate
Advanced Angle Mate
Organizing Assembly Components
Bottom Up Design
Linear Component Pattern
Shortcomings of Bottom Up Design
Middle Out Design
Creating Sub Assemblies
Adding the Toolbox
Building Sub Assemblies
Create Parts from Surfaces
Effective Smart Mates
Advanced Assembly Aspects

Course Outline
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