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Autodesk Inventor 2014 Training Documentation

Autodesk Developer Network

Please add this page to your favorites. It will be updated periodically.

The links below contain self-extracting zip files. We recommend that you run the files and install the documentation files to a folder you can easily access. While using the courses you will be asked to copy files from this folder to the project folder.

Please do not extract the files to the project folder. Doing this may overwrite some of the work you've done in the course. It will also make it harder to find the correct file to use.

Solid Modeling 2014
Solid Modeling - Last updated 6-19-13

Assemblies and Advanced Concepts 2014
Assemblies and Advanced Concepts - Last updated 8-19-13

2D Drafting and Customization 2014
2D Drafting and Customization - Last updated 6-19-13

Sheet Metal Design 2014
Sheet Metal Design - Last updated 6-19-13

Tube and Pipe Routed Systems 2014
Tube and Pipe - Last updated 7-8-13

Inventor Studio Made Simple 2014
Inventor Studio Made Simple - Last updated 7-29-13

iLogic Made Simple 2014
iLogic Made Simple - Last updated 8-16-13