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Microsoft® Excel 2003
Excel Xpress

The most comprehensive Excel training course available today at an unbelievably low price.

If you want to become an expert user you'll quickly and easily attain your goal. This course is designed to teach both beginner and advanced users. It covers the basics through expert level concepts and advanced commands.

Learn how to work with lists and databases, how to format cells, write equations and macros, and much more using real life examples. You'll learn how to create a Register worksheet that can be used to balance your checkbook. You'll also create a worksheet that uses macros, spinner and combo box controls, database commands, and ...too much to list here ... to create a worksheet capable of keeping track of a manufacturing company's inventory.

You will learn how to make charts and graphs, use pivot tables, and the list goes on. Click the Course Outline button to see a list of all the lessons in the course.

You'll also find that this course doubles as a help resource. Anytime you need to learn how to do something, enter a keyword phrase and then watch a lesson on how to do it. Click the Add to Cart button to order your copy.

Microsoft Excel 2003 Training
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