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Autodesk Inventor 2016 Training Lesson - Editing Profiles

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In the last lesson you extruded this cylinder. The length of the cylinder is 1 inch and the diameter is 94 thousandths of an inch. In this lesson you’ll change the diameter to 1/8th of an inch.

Set the view to the Home View so that you can see your changes while you make them. One method of doing this is to right click while your pointer is in the graphics area, and then select Home View. Also notice that you can type the F6 key to change the view to the Home View.

Now right click on the Extrusion in the browser and select “Edit Sketch”. By now you might be wondering if this is called a sketch or a profile. It’s called a profile, and it’s called a sketch. But there is a difference between sketches and profiles. The difference can’t be demonstrated with a single circle, so I won’t try to explain it now. The lesson on Sketches vs. Profiles will answer any questions you may have.

Now it’s time to change the dimension. We’re not in general dimension mode, but you can change a dimension when you’re not in the general dimension mode by double clicking it. Double click the dimension, and then enter .125 of an inch in the window. Type the enter key, and then finish the sketch.

Now the pin has been updated to the new diameter. You’ve used a few of the commands in the Navigation Bar and the View Cube, and in the next lesson you’ll explore these commands in detail. Before you continue to the next lesson, save the file. Click the Save command on the title bar. Since the current project is the Accelerated Productivity project, the folder is automatically open. Name the part PIN, and then click the Save button.