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Autodesk Inventor 2016
Dynamic Simulation

Autodesk Developer Network

Autodesk Inventor’s Dynamic Simulation is a powerful tool that will allow you to test and confirm your designs. You might also learn more about the functionality of your products. You apply physical characteristics to the components, watch them work together, and learn more about your product and the quality of the simulation with each iteration. So it’s an iterative process that helps you improve your products.

This course uses the same iterative process to show the common workflow of using Dynamic Simulation to improve and test product designs. You may have watched videos on YouTube showing a trebuchet in action using Dynamic Simulation. This course takes the trebuchet concept to another level. It shows all the steps required to successfully produce a simulation of an enhanced trebuchet. It also explains the iterative process of improving the results as well as the design. Each step of the way you will practice the iterative process so that you will learn an effective workflow.

32 Lessons
3 Hours (180 Minutes)
250 MB

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Inventor 2016: Dynamic Simulation
Automatically Converted Joints
Constraining Joint Types
Intro to DOF Bounds
Transitional Initial Conditions
Stiffness vs Damping
Intro to Traces
Joint Forces
Combining Forces and Conditions
Imposed Motion
Moving Joint Coordinates
Controlling Multiple DOF
Applying 3D Contact Joints
Making 3D Contacts Work
2D Contact Joints
Using the Bounce Calculator
Joint Output Variables
Force Accuracy
Spring Damper Jack
Applying Forces
Force Functions
Intro to the Trebuchet
The Rack in Detail
Optimizing Force Joints
Rack and Pinion Joint
Fixing Rolling Joints
Why Replace 3D Contact with 2D
Associative Force Loads
Exporting to FEA
Benefits of Publishing Movies

Autodesk Inventor 2016
Dynamic Simulation
Dynamic Simulation Training Course

Master Dynamic Simulation!

Instruction Time: 3 hr
Prerequisites: First 8 courses

250 MB

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