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Autodesk Inventor 2011 Certified Training


Autodesk Inventor 2011
Assemblies and Advanced Concepts

Master advanced concepts like iParts, iFeatures, and iAssemblies while you watch this course. You’ll learn effective methods of working with assembly constraints, flexible and mirrored assemblies, and animated assemblies.

Need to streamline your work? This course shows you effective methods of using adaptive parts and assemblies. You'll learn how to use the Design Accelerator, and many more advanced concepts.  It's loaded with tips and tricks that go beyond the commands.

79 Lessons
9 Hours (540 Minutes)
520 MB

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Assemblies and Advanced Concepts Lessons
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Sketch Origin Node
Using and Creating Templates
Creating Derived Parts
Editing Derived Parts
Intro to the Assy Environment
Degrees of Freedom
Driving Constraints
Explicit Reference Vectors
Adaptive Parts and Sketches
Adaptive Constraint Strategies
Creating Adaptive Parts I
Creating Adaptive Parts II
Using Constraint Strategies
Removing Adaptivity
Driving Adaptive Assemblies
The Content Center
Mirrored Assemblies
Flexible Assemblies
Copied Assemblies
Pattern Components
Advanced Viewing
Assembly Viewing
Motion Constraints
Animating Gears
Transitional Constraints
Collision Detection
Contact Solver
Checking for Interferences
Creating Compressible Springs
Driving Adaptive Springs
Positional Representations
Creating Presentations
Editing Tweaks
Creating iFeatures
Inserting iFeatures
Creating iFeatures from Parts
Creating iPart Factories
iPart Members
Editing the iPart Author
iMates and iParts
Custom iParts
Creating iPart Assemblies
Updating iParts
Threaded iParts
iMates and the Content Center
Identifying and Using iMate Glyphs
Inferred iMates
Scaling Parts
Combining Parts I
Combining Parts II
Subtracting and Splitting Parts
Deleting Faces
Strategy for Splitting Parts
Trick for Measuring Interferences
Prep for Design Accelerator
Bolted Connections
Generating Bearings
Generating Shafts Part I
Generating Shafts Part II
Generating Shafts Part III
Generating Gears
Generating Keyways
Advanced Spring Design I
Advanced Spring Design II
Animating Springs
Working with Large Assemblies
Level of Detail
Shrinkwrapping Components
Skeletal Modeling Introduction
Make Part and Components
Sketch Blocks
Advanced Top Down Design
Blocks and Assemblies
Modeling Techniques I
Modeling Techniques II
Flexible Block Assemblies

Assemblies and Advanced Concepts


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