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Autodesk Inventor 9
2D Drafting and Customization
(Obsolete No Longer Available)

Autodesk Authorized Developer

Did you know Inventor can make AutoCAD drawings, but much faster?  This course shows you how.  All the commands associated with 2D drawings are covered in detail, as well as customized drawing templates, and styles.

2D Drafting and Customization has over 3.5 hours of instruction. Watch sample lessons from the lesson list below.

You can also browse through the lessons from the following Inventor 9 courses and watch sample lessons from each course.

Inventor 9: Solid Modeling
Inventor 9: Assemblies and Advanced Concepts
Inventor 9: 2D Drafting and Customization
Inventor 9: Sheet Metal Design

2D Drafting and Customization Lessons
(Click highlighted lessons to watch them.)
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Introduction to Drawings
Drawing Views
Custom Borders
Custom Title Blocks
File iProperties
Bill of Materials Part I
Bill of Materials Part II
Editing Parts Lists
Administration Projects
Custom Part List Style
Custom Drafting Style
Custom Dimensioning Style Part I
Custom Dimensioning Style Part II
More Drafting Styles
Custom Text Styles
Dimensioning Drawings Part I
Dimensioning Drawings Part II
Sketched Symbols and View Sketches
Templates and Styles Part I
Templates and Styles Part II
Beyond Expert Mode
Customizing Toolbars
Custom Shortcut Keys

2D Drating and Customization Course Outline

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